What to Pack

Pack light! Please use soft or semi-soft bags. There is limited space for hard cases, which will need to go in your cabins once the rest of storage is full.

You will not need too many items of clothing, there is also a washing machine on board for small loads if required. Shorts, tee-shirts and sarongs will be your most used items. Dress is very casual even in the more upmarket restaurants, although 1 or 2 smarter options don’t go amiss, particularly if Fiskardo is on your route.

We recommend bringing a jumper in May and October when it will cool down in the evenings. You do not need to bring waterproof clothing; we have full wet-weather gear for your use whilst on board.

Packing essentials: Hat, flip flops, reef boots (protection against urchins and stony beaches if you would like to go exploring), swimming goggles, high SPF sunscreen (but no P20 please – it stains the decks and furnishings), sunglasses, euro adapter plug, insect repellent.

Useful: Your own mask, snorkel and flippers (we have some on board but cannot guarantee sizes or perfect fit of masks), a “shortie” wetsuit in the early season, rash vest, binoculars, a favourite brand of coffee (filter or Nespresso capsules) or teabags if you are particular about your brew.

Don’t forget, you can always give our sailing team a call if you need help with what to pack.

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