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Each of the yachts have a large amount of technical equipment to ensure life on board is as luxurious as a villa.  Our yachts are perfectly set up to leave the crowds behind and travel to more remote destinations, without the need to stop each day in port.  Your crew will look after the yacht and all her equipment but if you have any questions at all, please do ask.  The crew will be happy to help you.

Air conditioning – each yacht has air conditioning throughout.  Particularly in the summer months this is a wonderful addition to keep the interior of the yacht cool.  Please note this is not run overnight for safety reasons.

Water makers – the yachts are equipped with water-makers.  These take saltwater and convert it to fresh, meaning the yachts do not have to go into harbour to top up.  The water is also highly filtered and is safe to drink, an environmentally friendly option with no requirement for plastic bottles!

Generators – a generator on board each yacht provides power for all the electrical equipment, and is a much quieter way to charge the yacht’s batteries.  The yachts have large battery banks on board to provide all the power required.  When there is requirement for more power the crew will simply flick the generator on to create as much energy as needed.

Power supply – running on high-tech batteries, the yachts are fitted with the means to provide an uninterrupted power supply for guests.  You are able to charge and run all your devices simultaneously.

Fridges and freezers – each yacht has multiple fridges and freezers, including one on deck that your crew will keep topped up for you.   Lunous and Argentous also have wine coolers and each yacht has a ‘deck fridge’ so there is always a cold drink on hand.

Each yacht also has a dish-washer and washing machine.  Let the crew know if you need to use these.

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Luxurious cabins
Private speedboat
Al fresco dining
Perfect sunbathing
Corfu is the perfect starting point for your luxury sailing holiday.
The Faraway Islands
Mathraki in the Faraway Islands is beyond the reach of many smaller boats but Argentous' long legs swallow up the distance to show you the best beaches in the Ionian.
"Emerald Bay"
Reach beautiful coves like Emerald Bay on Anti-Paxos. Only accessible by boat
If you need a "break" from the peace and quiet, spend a night or two with all the other super-yachts in Fiskardo. Boutique shops and dozens of restaurants and great for people watching.
New for 2018 Lunous will be based in Athens to offer Saronic Islands and for exciting sailing in the Cyclades to Mykonos and beyond

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