Privacy Policy

In our view this is another area where the world has gone mad.  Because of a few exploitative companies, everyone is now expected to write acres of undecipherable techno-babble involving “cookies” and consent statements and you never have a clue whether you should be ticking or unticking boxes. Instead we just promise to treat your information the way we would like to be treated ourselves:

– We won’t give your details to anyone else for commercial exploitation. Ever.

– We don’t store your payment card details and we will shred written card details after having used them.

– We will send out the odd newsletter (hopefully interesting) but always feel free to drop us a note and we will remove your contact details off our database and we promise we will never pro-actively contact you again.

– Any personal data collected will be shared with suppliers and business partners, and stored on our systems only insofar as it it necessary for efficiently delivering our products and services.