Tashkent is full of monuments dedicated to Amir Timur, Uzbekistan’s famous military leader.

The impressive minaret of Kalta-Minor is located in Khiva, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Local men in Uzbekistan wearing their traditional Doppa skullcap.

Khudayar-Khan Palace in Kokand is constructed with exquisite blue patterned tiles.

Ayaz-Kala Fort in the Kyzyl Kum desert is one of the largest forts in Central Asia.

Old Madrasa religious schools are a common sight in Uzbekistan.

Lepeshka is a traditional round flat bread made in Uzbekistan.


Uzbekistan is fascinating. There’s incredible history and architecture at every turn, and dramatic landscapes such as the Kyzylkum desert and Ferghana Valley waiting to be explored. 

Uzbekistan lies at the very heart of Central Asia and was a key link on the Silk Road in ancient times. It is home to three of the world’s oldest cities – Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva – often described as open-air museums, once powerful and important trade centres, where architecture and the arts were highly developed. 

Uzbekistan’s golden age was under Timur in the 14th Century AD. Ruling an empire stretching from Turkey to China, he made Samarkand his capital and left a magnificent architectural legacy, including awe-inspiring mosques, Madrassahs and the majestic Registan Square. 

Recently, Uzbekistan has developed its transport infrastructure and introduced high-speed train networks to the main cities, alongside an improved road system and additional internal flights. Our unique tours include various modes of transport and traditional styles of accommodation, so that you can discover the very best of Uzbekistan.

Whether you are looking for a short tour to gaze at the historical monuments or a more extensive trip to take in the lesser visited areas of Uzbekistan, here at Fleewinter we can plan your perfect tailor made tour. You can view all our suggested Uzbekistan tours here and below are some of our favourite trips. To start planning your holiday, please email or call 0207 112 0019.