Vibrant cities, gorgeous beaches and islands, lush rainforest, mouthwatering food, well-preserved heritage, and a fascinatingly diverse culture: Malaysia may be Southeast Asia’s best-kept secret. At first glance, the bustling streets of Kuala Lumpur seem those of a modern city with skyscrapers and high end shops. Look a little closer and you’ll find traditional Chinese architecture, a mix of temples, mosques, and churches, lively markets, hawker stalls, and pre-war colonial heritage. With Malay, Chinese, Indian, British, Dutch, and indigenous peoples all having influenced the country’s past, Malaysia’s culture is unlike any other’s.

In the north you’ll find art and food-rich George Town on the island of Penang, the beaches and hills of Langkawi, and the tea plantations and other-worldly forests of the Cameron Highlands. To the east are the jaw-dropping beaches of the Perhentian and Tioman islands with their white sands and clear waters that delight divers and snorkelers alike. In the south sits vibrant Kuala Lumpur and the charming heritage city of Melaka. Everywhere you’ll find welcoming hosts, modern conveniences, and respect for tradition.

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