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Education & Awareness

During this Educational program you experience and learn about the African bush. In oder words, join our Environmental Education & Awareness Programs in KwaZulu Natal – South Africa.

It’s not only for youth groups but for all ages we offer fun, exciting and educational trips. In fact we look at the various aspects of conservation here in the field. Furthermore, with professional facilitators we ensure the specific needs of every group is met. Offering basic bush craft, animal tracking and anti-poaching

From Biology to Animal Care students, school groups and D of E Gold Award Expeditions. Hence, we can meet all your needs with our tailor-made programs

Albizia Environmental Camp is a tented camp set on an 800 Hectare Wildlife Conservancy. Offering various game species and ecotypes. For this reason it allows the professional rangers and guides the ideal platform. Like this they can teach about all the facets of wildlife and conservation

Everything is hands-on and fun!


What you will cover in your time with us

Guided walks:

 Overall, enjoy some basic bush craft with your professional field guides. As a matter of fact, you explore the various factors that make up an ecosystem. Animal identification, behaviour and tracking. In other words, you learn how the various species live together in the African bush. In sum from the big mammals to the insects, reptiles, trees, birds and even the grasses. All explained on your interpretive bush walks. At night you enjoy the night skies and the sounds of the wild African bush.

Game Drives:

During game drives you get up close with Africa’s big game like Elephant, Rhino, Lion, Buffalo. Furthermore and with some luck an encounter with the rarer species like Wild Dog, Cheetah and Leopard. All in all an amazing species diversity ensure a great experience with species like Giraffe, Kudu, Nyala, Warthog, Zebra and many more. In any case, all from the comfort of a safari vehicle. While a professional guide makes the experience even more memorable and educational.



Moreover you join the scientific research team in the field. Learn how to set up camera traps, pitfall traps and various other techniques used for research of endangered species and other projects we have on the go. In addition you learn telemetry work where we track species like the Side Striped Jackal we released after rehabilitating them to the wild.


Snake talk:

In other words, a talk on the various species of venomous and non-venomous snakes, spiders and scorpions in Southern Africa. Furthermore you have a close – but safe – look at some of the snakes like cobras and puff adders. Eventually, you can even  touch some of the less dangerous species.


Cultural programs:

Because the educational program is situated in the heart of Zululand we include various cultural programs. For example a cultural tour through a Zulu village. Here you visit rural homesteads and do conservation talks at the various schools around the rural areas.

Equally important, are many projects that we are involved in like sports training days and help upgrade some facilities in the poorer areas. Especially teaching sessions are always fun and just immersing yourselve in the everyday lives of the people and little children you encounter out here.


Coastal ecology:

From our base in Kosi Bay we explore the wonders of the iSimangaliso Wetland Park. A World Heritage Site that includes a pristine marine sanctuary as well as many terrestrial conservation areas. We explore the Northern part of the protected area and learn about sustainable resource usage, rocky shores ecology and the various other aspects that make this a World heritage Site.



Activities we offer as part of the Educational Program include:

St Lucia boat cruise:

Enjoy 2 hours on the largest estuarine systems in Africa. During the tour you learn about the tidal system and the ecosystems that support it. At the same time you see animals like Hippos, Crocodiles and the many bird species that make this one of the richest diversities of species on the planet.


Elephant Interaction:

Another key point for your educational program is the elephant interaction. During this experience you learn about the behaviour and ecology of African Elephants. While this gets explained, you get to meet Rambo and his family that live on the Zulu and Rhino Reserve.


uShaka Marine World:

Another exciting educational program day out with some fun in this world class marine park. During a guided tour you see how this facility functions. In this case behind the scenes and with a proper look at the actual exhibits. This includes the famous Dangerous Creators exhibit.

A day spent at CROW – the Centre for the Rehabilitation Of Wildlife in Durban. Hence, you get your hands dirty and help with the various projects they may need a hand with on the day.



Safeguarding standards in educational travels

Most important, the educational program is offered by a member of the STF (School Travel Forum). For this reason it is recognised and providing the highest quality experiences for student and youth travellers. Undoubtedly offering best in class health and safety management systems. Here the STF helps members to develop, implement and sustain. Membership of the STF is essential for all school and student travel organisers.

Above all, school trips to South Africa offer students the chance to experience and learn about different cultures and environments and a diverse array of flora and fauna. Especially the wildlife has to be one of the main reasons for a visit to South Africa. Given that, our hands-on conservation trip is ideal for a school biology trip. Nevertheless, if it is personal development and challenge you are after…  South Africa has excellent trekking and bush walking!

You can view a sample itinerary HERE and HERE

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Activities we offer as part of the experience include:

St Lucia boat cruise
We enjoy 2 hours on one of the largest estuarine systems in Africa learning about the ecosystems that support it. Expect to see animals such as Hippos, Crocodiles and the many bird species that make this one of the most diverse habitats on the planet.
Animal interactions
A hands-on educational experience learning the behaviour and ecology of African Elephants from a small family herd that live on a ‘Big 5’ reserve and a Cheetah rehabilitation facility. Learn their story and roles of their keepers who protect them day and night – perfect for those wishing to pursue a career within the wildlife industry.
Snake and creepy crawlies talk
A talk on a vast range species of venomous and constrictor snakes found in Southern Africa, as well as spiders, scorpions and amphibians.
We’ll have a close, but safe, look at some species such as cobras and puff adders, with the opportunity to handle some of less dangerous ones.
uShaka Marine World
An educational day out with some fun in this world class marine park with a guided tour to see how this facility functions. Go behind the scenes of the exhibits to witness the function of industrial marine equipment, research facilities and veterinary treatment rooms.
Finish the tour with a trip to the famous Dangerous Creatures exhibit housing some of the world’s most deadly reptiles.
Centre For The Rehabilitation Of Wildlife (CROW)
A day spent at CROW – the Centre for the Rehabilitation Of Wildlife in Durban. We get stuck in and help with the various projects, from rejuvenating enclosures in preparation for new patients to preparing lunch for the current in patients at the centre. Valuable and voluntary work experience for the next generation to make a difference.
Cultural Programs
Situated in the heart of Zululand, we include various cultural programs ranging from tours through a Zulu village visiting rural homesteads, to conservation talks at local schools. Teaching sessions and home visits are fun and eye-opening as we immerse ourselves in the everyday lives of the people and communities we support.

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