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South Ionian

The South Ionian is home to a large number of islands

All of which are located relatively close to one other.  The South Ionian islands each have their own individual character and are steeped in a long history and wonderfully rich culture.  From the supposed birthplace of Odysseus on Ithaca, to the famous Fiskardo – the only town on Kefalonia to survive an earthquake – to the reported hiding place of submarines on Meganissi, there’s a story around every corner.

The South Ionian islands are a fantastic cruising ground for those who would like to maximise the number of islands visited in a week. We can arrange holidays starting and finishing on Kefalonia, or starting in Kefalonia and finishing in Lefkas or of course, vice versa. For those who would like to see and do more on the islands, this shorter route is the ideal itinerary, maximising the time available to enjoy the islands with minimal travel time between.

Our sailing team have spent many years exploring the islands, enjoying their unique identities and getting to know the wonderful people who reside on each one.  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call or send an email; we’d love to help make sure you get the most from your holiday.

Lefkas is a hustling, bustling town at the entrance to the South Ionian.  Situated near a bridge that opens hourly to allow yachts to enter, it is a truly Greek town with an all-year-round population.

As such, it has a strong identity and is a wonderful place to explore on a summer’s evening.

Waterfront Metropolis
Lefkas has a large town quay, where the people watching can be fantastic. Enjoy a traditional 'Gyros' whilst watching the world go by.
Porto Katsiki
Home to the famous Porto Katsiki, a pristine white beach in the shadow of a looming cliff with the bluest water is a must stop in good weather.
Watersports Haven
There are some exceptional bays for watersports, with perfect blue water and coves well protected from waves. Ideal for working on your waterskiing...
Sunset on board
Watch the sun go down over the Palairos mountains from a beautiful Lefkas bay, sipping a gin and tonic.

Meganissi is a small island located within the ‘inland sea’ of the South Ionian.  It is home to one of our favourite towns, ‘Little Vathi.’

The island is beautiful and only accessible by boat, meaning it is unspoiled by mass tourism.

Ithaca is one of the most famous Greek islands.  Home to Odysseus, the island has a proud and long history.

It is also one of our specialists favourites to visit, with delicious food, beautiful small harbours and a wonderfully unique identity.

Vathi Town
Vathi is the largest town on Ithaca. Home to the best Gyros in the Ionian, it is also a beautiful place to explore. Surrounded by tree-covered hills, there is also some excellent walking to be done nearby.
Strait of Ithaca
The views between Ithaca and Kefalonia are stunning. At both sunrise and sunset (and throughout the day!), they are atmospheric and alluring.
Perfect Kioni
One of our favourite stops, Kioni is a picturesque town on the Eastern side of Ithaca. Home to some local jewellers, and also the best espresso martini...
Serious sailing
Around Ithaca is some brilliant sailing. With a reliable afternoon breeze, this is a playground for serious sailors and first time dabblers alike.

Kefalonia is one of the larger Ionian islands. It is famous for delicious wine and tragedy: in 1953, an earthquake razed all but one town to the ground.

Fiskardo remained standing and is the jewel of the island today. Kefalonia has rebuilt itself magnificently and today the only reminder of the quake is verbal.

Assos on the western coast is one of our favourite spots, with stunningly high cliffs and a castle overlooking the sunset, it doesn’t get more picture perfect…

Assos approach
The approach to Assos under sail is beautiful. With an ocean to your right and the rugged cliffs of Kefalonia to your left, it's unforgettable.
Cave exploring
The Foki Bay caves near Fiskardo are old mining caves. Take a torch, a sturdy pair of shoes and a sense of adventure!
White sand beaches
The beaches on the Western side of Kefalonia are pristine. Very exposed to the elements, they are best visited first thing in the morning while it's quiet.
Kefalonia Robola
Make sure you try the Robola whilst on Kefalonia. Grown, pressed and aged on the island, it's a truly local bottle.
20 minutes from the international airport, Corfu is our home berth
The Faraway Islands
'Faraway' means nothing to our powerful yachts. Head upwind and explore these gems of the Ionian
"Emerald Bay"
Explore beautiful coves and caves. Only accessible by boat...
If you need a "break" from the peace and quiet, spend a night or two with all the other super-yachts in Fiskardo. Boutique shops and dozens of restaurants make it great for people watching.

Your adventure starts here!

Do you fancy having a chat about South Ionian? Personally, it's one of our favourite things to talk about.

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