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How to spend your time on board a luxury yacht?

There is no set routine to how you spend your time on board in a week.  There are a few constants; glorious sunshine, blue seas, a beautiful yacht, exquisite food – the rest is your choice, but we do have some suggestions…

In addition to the highly equipped sailing yacht, each yacht has a full complement of watersports equipment on board, including water-skis, wakeboard, stand up paddleboards, a windsurfing rig, ‘ringo’ donut, and snorkelling equipment.  Use of this equipment is unlimited.  The paddleboards are a brilliant way of exploring the hundreds of caves on the islands.

We find a ‘Greek Day’ will generally consist of breakfast in harbour or at an anchorage followed by a quick dip whilst your crew prepare the yacht to move.  Before lunch is served in a bay, there is plenty of time for swimming, exploring and making good use of the watersports toys.  After lunch, the breeze will usually fill in, so once the yacht is safely stowed away (tidied up!) then it’s time to bring out the sails and stretch the legs of your yacht.  This is a truly thrilling experience.  When the engine is switched off and your yacht is propelling herself by means of mother nature alone, it is difficult to keep from grinning!  Once you’ve finished sailing for the day, we tend to head to the evening’s mooring, for one last dip in the sea before dinner.

As well as enjoying the freedom and privacy your yacht affords you, an island-hopping floating villa is a brilliant way to explore more than just the shoreline.

There is some beautiful walking to be done throughout the Ionian, the Paxos islands in particular are wonderful by foot, they are relatively small islands and it is possible to explore them very well over a few days.  A lovely way to see more of the islands is to ask the crew to drop you off on the shore and to follow the old tracks along the coast.  After a coffee break somewhere along the way, you can follow the coast to next port, where the crew will be ready to pick you up, having moved your yacht.  This is especially beautiful in Spring and Autumn, when there are few people around and you will have the islands mostly to yourselves.

Once you have arrived at the yacht, your crew will be able to help you plan the perfect week ensuring you have the best time on board.  If you have any questions in the meanwhile, give one of our sailing team a call to chat about how to get the most out of a holiday on a private luxury yacht.  Alternately, check out what a typical week looks like here

If you would like to see multiple islands in a week, there really is no better way of doing so than on a private luxury yacht.

Taking your ‘floating villa’ with you as you travel, stopping off at some of the most undisturbed places in the Ionian,

all the while with an attentive and knowledgeable crew to guide you and help you make the most of your week on board.

Stepping ashore
Step onto a Greek island, steeped in heritage, culture and history. And perhaps, when you're done, sail to another Greek island, steeped in heritage, culture and history.
Under sail
Sailing is an incredible pursuit which has not greatly changed. Your yacht harnesses the wind in the same way that thousands before did. Propelled by nature, you glide between islands serenely, travelling wherever the wind may take you.
Bustling Towns
The Ionian is home to some truly picturesque towns. From the hustle of Gaios or relaxed Longos in the north; to the cosmopolitan Fiskardo and sleepy Meganissi in the south, there's somewhere for everyone.
Citadels and cicadas
Reminiscent of Venice, Corfu Old Town is a UNESCO heritage site well worth spending an evening exploring. The music school of Corfu now lives in the Venetian citadel, and a short walk will find you in the fruit markets, a lively cafe, or soaking in the glorious Franco-Italian inspired streets.

Watersports are a huge part of a week on board one of our yachts!  Each yacht carries a large amount of equipment on board, as well as our speedboats which,

when they are not taxiing you to and from beautiful Greek towns, double up as watersports towing boats.

We have water-skis, wakeboards, ‘ringo’ donuts, stand up paddleboards, a windsurf rig, masks and snorkels and fins on board.  Use of this equipment is unlimited whilst on board.

(Please note, we are unable to offer instruction and strongly recommend guests attend a ‘taster day’ before boarding, especially under 16s.)

Doing donuts
Enjoying a 'double donut' around Ithaca is bound to put a smile on every face!
A kid's paradise
Jumping off the side of a super yacht never gets old. This is an undisputed fact: we've checked with all the kids that come on holiday with us...
Sunrise paddleboarding
For the morning enthusiasts, there is no nicer way to greet the day than to take the paddle boards out and watch the sun rise over the mountains.
Cooling off
We cannot forget the swimming, of course. The Ionian has some of the bluest, clearest waters in the Mediterranean. You will often stop for lunch in a bay where you can see the bottom... surrounded by fish, it's the perfect way to cool off on a hot day.

One of the things we are asked most is ‘do I need sailing experience?’  The answer is a resounding ‘no!’

You will have a professional crew with you at all times, to run the yacht and keep you safe.

If you would like to learn a bit about sailing, your crew will be thrilled to help you – of course, if you would prefer to relax on the bow

and only be told when the sail is going to change to allow you to move to the best sunbathing spot, that is entirely your choice!

Aurous is a catamaran, and is the most stable and family-friendly of our yachts. She is an excellent introduction to sailing and life on board, and has space for two families travelling together.
Argentous is a stylish option. A powerful yacht, she manages to command the seas whilst never threatening a glass of wine...
Our newest yacht, Lunous, is great for thrill seekers. With a powerful sail plan (the amount of sail she can use), she's an excellent choice for groups of friends or a couple of families sailing together.

Greece is famous for its emphasis placed on good food and delicious wine.

Sustenance is such an important part of Greek heritage, from daily baked bread to preserved lemons and olives brined for winter.

Each month, something new comes into fruit and is taken full advantage of.

Our crews love to find and use seasonal produce, and it tavernas will always have ‘catch of  the day’ paired with local wine and possibly an Ouzo or two…

If you’re in the North, be sure to try a bottle of Corfiot Organic Rosé; and in the South, try the famous Kefalonian Robola.

Both these wines are the proud produce of their respective islands and are delicious on a long summer evening.

These delicious fruits appear late in the season, and hold all the benefit of ripening slowly in the sun over the summer months. Pomegranate trees are dotted throughout the towns, you'll likely see olives, oranges and zucchinis grown in pots, too!
Sunshine and tomatoes
Tomatoes really are one of those things that never taste the same anywhere else. A Greek tomato is like tasting summer in one bite! The central ingredient of Greek salad, we try and eat as many as possible each visit.
Fresh catch!
Our crew love to fish! Whilst we're out and about in deeper water, we'll keep a line off the back of the boat to see if we can catch something for lunch. Spanish Tuna, Bonito, Mackeral and Bream are regular catches. Lucky ones might find a Dorado or Swordfish!
Rosé skies
Don't miss the delicious Greek wines. Table wine, served by the kilo, is dangerous quaffable - and each region has its own unique species of grapes that turn into the most wonderful bottles.
20 minutes from the international airport, Corfu is our home berth
The Faraway Islands
'Faraway' means nothing to our powerful yachts. Head upwind and explore these gems of the Ionian
"Emerald Bay"
Explore beautiful coves and caves. Only accessible by boat...
If you need a "break" from the peace and quiet, spend a night or two with all the other super-yachts in Fiskardo. Boutique shops and dozens of restaurants make it great for people watching.

Your adventure starts here!

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