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Info for Owners

Fleewinter is very proud on the properties we represent and we have very close and often long-term relationships with the owners of the villas and hotels on our website. If you own or manage a property in one of our destinations please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will advise as to whether we think we can work together.

The Cost of Working with us…

The good news is that we don’t charge anything for a listing on our site. The only time we take money is as a commission or margin on sales made. The size of the commission varies depending on a number of factors such as the pricing of the accommodation, the typical length of stay and whether you are exclusive to us.

In return for this you get proactive marketing across multiple media, a full booking service with financial protection to clients, client itinerary management and the guarantee of advance payment. Equally it is important that owners understand that we do not work on a mark-up basis – the price we charge clients must be the same as the price offered if booking directly with the accommodation owner – this is a key part of our value proposition.

Realistic Advice

We pride ourselves of working in genuine partnership with our owners to make sure our clients have the best possible stay. We also try to give realistic advice on how much business we can generate for you. We try to visit as many as possible of our properties prior to completing any bookings and generally start off fairly slowly until we have received some client feedback which will build our confidence in making recommendations.

Almost all our bookings are done on personal referral from one of our consultants to our clients and once we are confident in the service being provided, the number of bookings you will receive will increase substantially.

The Booking Process

The vast majority of our bookings come after a two-way communication by email or on the phone (usually both!) between our clients and our consultants. Because of this it is vital you keep us updated on your forward availability calendar as if we don’t know the availability we can’t make recommendations! We are a Reservata partner agency and we encourage all owners to enter pricing and availability by registering with the free Reservata system (see

If a client wants to proceed with a booking we will confirm dates with you and ask you to hold an option for between 2 and 5 days. The client must pay a deposit in this time and we will then confirm the booking with you and either ask for an invoice or, for a private owner, ask you to sign a booking contract. We will then pass the deposit over to you net of our commission.

4 weeks before arrival the client will pay the balance and we will then send this on to you along with final a itinerary including any special instructions. We have facilities to pay owners anywhere in the world and contracts can be written in various currencies. For private owners we will also take and hold a returnable breakage deposit if required.

On arrival we expect the property or room to be fully prepared and someone to be on hand to answer questions or deal with any problems that occur during the stay. In many parts of the world we work with local ground agents and we can put you in touch with them and advise you on how to deliver the best possible service.

Quality Control

The process doesn’t finish with the end of the holiday. Once the clients has returned we send them a feedback survey and will pass on any relevant comments. This is a vital part of our quality control process and enables us to continually improve standards, address any issues and give client confidence that when they book with us the quality and service can be guaranteed.

It really is a partnership and if you think you would like to work with us please call or email for more information.

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