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This little-explored mountain region is the smallest of Central Asia’s ‘stans’ and few tourists roam its rugged lands. It’s one of the world’s best kept secrets. The scenery is astounding. Picture glassy blue lakes reflecting emerald-green trees and snowy peaks that climb into the clouds. 

Adventure can be found anywhere you look in Tajikistan. You could go hiking in the Pamir Mountains, extreme trekking to the world’s longest glacier, or mountain biking along the Pamir Highway. Slow the pace and you’ll discover the country’s ancient fortresses, fascinating rock art, local markets and historic temples.

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The people in Tajikistan are very friendly and excellent hosts. Many of our handpicked homestays are run by local families, who will tell you the best places to visit and will serve up delicious home-cooked feasts for you when you return.

Whether you are looking for a cultural tour to explore this landlocked country or a shorter holiday to see the dramatic Fann Mountains, here at Fleewinter we can plan your perfect tailor made tour.

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Our tailor-made holidays offer you complete freedom of choice. We can help you to create your ideal itinerary that reflects your personal interests, taste in accommodation and mode of travel. Our team have vast experience in planning complicated, in depth itineraries not just to one country but a combination of several.

Below are a selection of our favourite suggested itineraries in Tajikistan and Central Asia, that can be tailor-made for you.

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Dushanbe is the capital of Tajikistan, a landlocked mountainous country that borders Afghanistan. You will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of the hotels and restaurants in the city! During a guided tour of this green leafy capital you’ll see the cultural monuments, parks, gardens and museums.
Iskandar Kol Lake
The mountain lake of Iskandar Kol lake lies at an altitude of 2195m and is situated in the Hissar range. It is the largest and arguably the most beautiful lake in the Fann Mountains. This beautiful glacier lake takes its name from Alexander the Great, as it is said he passed by its waters on his way to India. Accommodation is limited to simple local guesthouses.
Penjikent is located in the Khojand area of Tajikistan in the picturesque Zeravshan river valley. A relatively small city is full of unique monuments not seen in other parts of Central Asia. Places to visit are the mausoleum of Abu-Abdullo ndoned in the 8th century by Arabs.
Rudaki, a famous poet, the settlement of Ancient Penjikent which was founded in the 5th and then aba
The small city of Khorog is located 600 km from Dushanbe and is nestled in the stunning Pamir Mountains. Khorog is well worth the journey, as the valley landscape and unspoilt natural beauty can’t be missed! Untouched by tourism, local traditions thrive, and it is a great place to relax or spend time trekking in the mountains.
Fann Mountains
The Fann Mountains are probably the most stunning range of mountains in the whole of Central Asia. Our tours spend time trekking through the hidden valleys and foothills of the snowy peaks.
The Fann Mountains are situated in the western part of Tajikistan and is the setting of the beautiful Iskandar Kol Lake.
Istrafshan is a small historic town and is home to one of the best preserved old towns in Tajikistan with a maze of alleys that make up the old city of Shahr-e-kuhna. You can walk around the colourful central bazaar and the blue domes of the Abdullatif Sultan Medressa which date from the 15th century.
Khojand is capital of Tajikistan's Sughd province and the second largest city in the country. Some of Khojand’s top attractions are the towering statue of Ismail Somoni, a national hero and ruler of the Samanid Empire and Somoni Park. The best time to go to Somoni Park is around sunset, when you can catch a cable car over the Syr Darya river and enjoy the breathtaking views.

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