The flaming mountains in Turpan - one of the hottest places on earth.

Crossing the Torugart Pass from China into Kyrgyzstan is unforgettable.

The Temple of Heaven in Beijing is one of the largest temple complexes in China.

Uyghur men in Kashgar wearing the traditional Doppa hat.

Xiahe is home to the majestic 18th century Labrang Monastery.

Karakul Lake in Xinjiang is located on the Karakorum Highway.

Crescent Lake is a beautiful clear water lake set in a desert oasis.

Labrang Monastery offers a true taste of Tibetan culture.

The Silk Road

Wild desert landscapes, nomadic tribes and medieval caravanserais – tours on the Silk Road are steeped in culture and history. The Silk Road was once a maze of routes that opened up trade between the east and west. Luxury goods, such as silk, were exported from China to be sold in Europe, and traders would travel through Central Asia to reach these Mediterranean borders via this legendary road. 

You’ll uncover endless cultural treasures on your journey along the Silk Road, including the famous caravanserai. These roadside inns were built for weary travellers to rest their heads for the night and were some of the most stunning examples of architecture at that time. Other highlights here include the spellbinding mosques of Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan’s leafy cities and Kyrgyzstan’s awe-inspiring mountain views and Kashgar’s Sunday Market in Western China.

Whether you are looking for an in-depth cultural tour along the Silk Road, or a shorter holiday to explore the ancient caravan towns, here at Fleewinter we can plan your perfect tailor made tour. You can view all our suggested Silk Road tours here and below are some of our favourite trips. To start planning your holiday, please email or call 0207 112 0019.