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Life on board a yacht is only slightly different to life in a luxury villa.  Our yachts are fully equipped with state of the art technology to ensure time aboard is luxurious and comfortable.  Whilst living at sea is slightly different to the land, the crew are there at all times to answer any questions you may have, and keep the yachts running smoothly.

Here are some FAQs about life on board:

“Can I charge my gadgets?” 

Yes.  Our yachts have an uninterrupted power supply meaning you can charge all your gadgets at the same time.  Make sure to bring a European plug adaptor (2 pin.)

“Is there Wi-Fi?”

Yes.  We have 3G Wi-Fi routers on board although strength of reception will depend on where you are.  We allocate 10GB per week with the option to ‘top up’ if needed.  Tavernas and Cafes typically have free Wi-Fi for their customers.

“Will I feel seasick?” 

We hope not!  There are lots of natural remedies to help you avoid feeling ill, but we recommend talking to your doctor if you are worried, they can help you choose a motion sickness tablet to suit you.  The well-known best remedy is to drive the boat!

“Will it be bumpy?” 

At times there might be a few waves, particularly if the wind is on the stronger side.  Our yachts are big and sturdy however, so the effect is minimal.  If you’re uncomfortable at all, chat to your crew who will be able to help you feel more comfortable.

I’ve heard yacht bathrooms are difficult to work?” 

All our bathroom facilities are fully electric and effortless to use.

“Can I bring a hairdryer?” 

The yachts come equipped with hair dryers, so no need to bring your own.  They need the generator running to work but the crew can flick this on for you at a moment’s notice.

“What should I pack?”

Pack light! Please use soft or semi-soft bags as storing hard bags on board is tricky.  You will not need too many items of clothing.  Shorts, tee-shirts and sarongs will be your most used items. We recommend bringing a jumper in May and October when it will cool down in the evenings. You do not need to bring waterproof clothing; we have full wet-weather gear for your use whilst on board.  Bring a hat and flip flops, some sun-cream (please no P20, it stains the decks and furnishings!) sunglasses, a European plug adaptor and insect repellant.

“Do I need to bring a towel?”

Each guest receives a bath towel and beach towel, as well as a bathrobe, for use on board.  We will change the bath towel and bed linens mid week.

Modern Bathrooms
Each yacht has bright and modern bathrooms. Everything is fully electric, with a power shower and luxury toiletries provided.

Dining Al Fresco

A wonderful outside space means you can eat outside at every meal, enjoying the fresh air and beautiful views.

Linens and Toiletires

Each guest receives a bath towel and beach towel, as well as a bathrobe, for use on board.  We will change the bath towel and bed linens mid week. There are also luxury toiletries in each cabin.
Hanging around
A hammock set up on the bow is the perfect place to spend an afternoon, watching the yachts sail by.
20 minutes from the international airport, Corfu is our home berth
The Faraway Islands
'Faraway' means nothing to our powerful yachts. Head upwind and explore these gems of the Ionian
"Emerald Bay"
Explore beautiful coves and caves. Only accessible by boat...
If you need a "break" from the peace and quiet, spend a night or two with all the other super-yachts in Fiskardo. Boutique shops and dozens of restaurants make it great for people watching.

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