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Arabian Holidays

Ahlan wasahlan to the kingdoms of the Middle East! The Arabian skyline literally rose out of the desert. Despite the rapid development, the region has managed to preserve its Arabic authenticity. In Dubai one can take a traditional ‘abra’ across the creek and soak up the atmosphere of the exotic souks in the old town, in Abu Dhabi you can visit some of the most elegant and beautiful mosques, and in Oman you can soak up tradition. Visit Dubai for modern luxury and entertainment and continue onto Oman for nature and culture. If you look at it on the map it doesn’t look particularly big, but there are plenty of hidden gems, like Salalah, Mesirah Island and numerous little coastal villages for the curious travellers.

If you don’t know where to get started, then the first thing to do is, get in touch! Our Arabian Specialist, Ramona, is here to help plan your holiday every step of the way, using both her expert knowledge and an understanding of what you are looking for. She is happy to share her local knowledge and expert tips, to help create the best possible trip! Whether you’re a first time visitor, or a returning traveller, there is something for everyone. We can arrange a fly-and-flop holiday, or a cultural experience, a dream family getaway or add another tick to your bucket-list! Our aim is to ensure that you get the most out of your time away and enjoy some hidden gems as you go. Our destination expertise will help you to explore the Arabian Peninsula to the very full…