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What should you wear Sailing in Greece?

By Theodora Taylor Franks on 30th March, 2023

What should you wear while sailing in Greece?

It’s all well and good having booked a sailing holiday, but now you need to pack, and that moment of panic arrives – what do you need to pack to go sailing?!

Don’t worry.  You don’t need anything out of the ordinary, and you certainly don’t need to buy anything – unless you want to, of course!

While we’re firm advocates of doing whatever is most comfortable, we do have a few hints and tips about what to wear sailing in Greece.  You can also find out FAQ section for some more .. well .. FAQs.

two ladies sit on the stern of a yacht in dresses


Suncream is what you should wear.

Thick, thick layers of SPF 30 or higher, with UV-A and UV-B filters.  This isn’t just because we’re skincare fanatics at Fleewinter (we are though… have you met Sarah?) but because living on the water means you’re constantly on top of a reflective surface!

From the moment the sun pops its head up, you’re going to start getting reflected light on your body.

You’ll still get tanned if you wear suncream, but the chance of a nasty burn diminishes.

So, number one is of course, suncream.  And a hat.  And sunnies.

Wine on the stern of a yacht
Dinner on the stern of a yacht

What to wear while swimming in Greece

While you’ll probably live in a bikini or board shorts while on board, it’s good to have a little bit more in your bag packed for actual swimming!

Sea urchins are found throughout the Med.  It takes a strong constitution and a very strong G&T to keep a smile on whilst trying to pull the spiny little whats-its out of your toes.

(The only thing needing greater willpower is your 10 year old asking for a very strong glass of juice because they know you’re about to pull spines out of their toes.)

Swimming booties are the best way to avoid this, and especially for aforementioned kids (or big kids who like to go exploring…)  Anything with a good firm sole and that covers your foot is great – you can dry them on the deck overnight.

If you go sailing in Greece in May you might want to wear a shortie wetsuit.  The water will be beautifully clear, undisturbed by the comings and goings of boats that summer sees, but a bit brisk – so you’ll be thankful of the extra layer.

Wearing a sarong while sailing in greece
Regatta sailing luxury yacht
relaxing on the bow of a luxury yacht

Night out on the town

Although, more realistically, it’s a night out in the hamlet while you’re on the gorgeous small Greek islands….

There are a few places where you might want a slightly jazzy ensemble to wear, but mostly think linen shirts for the gents, and floaty cotton dresses for the ladies.

It’s also roasting hot in the summer.  July and August are probably going to see temperatures in the mid-high 30s.

While the evenings cool down considerably, you certainly don’t want to wear anything synthetic while you’re sailing in Greece.  Natural fibres are the best option in the heat, so stick to those for comfort.

Luckily, the myriad shops and boutique design houses dotted throughout the islands have some amazing options for you to buy!

wearing a lifejacket doing watersports while sailing in greece

What do you need to wear for safety when sailing in Greece?

If the weather turns a bit worse for wear, then your Captain will ask you to put lifejackets on.  These are worn as a precaution and are great if you feel a bit nervous: but we won’t lie, they’re hardly the most fashionable of items!

You’ll receive a full briefing on how to wear a lifejacket at the start of your holiday, but the likelihood of needing to don one is minimal.

It does make for a great Instagram photo though…

catamaran aurous moored in amazing blue water on paxos

What shoes should you wear when sailing in Greece?

This is a really popular question, and the answer is: none.


On board, there are beautiful soft teak decks combined with non-slip areas.  So you really can go barefoot.  Plus this way, no tan lines…

If you want to do some walking on the islands then a good pair of trainers will stand you in the best stead, otherwise flip flops and sandals are ideal.

Something you can slip on and off easily when you’re tendering to and from the shore.

And that’s it!

That’s it: you’re ready to go sailing in Greece!

And luckily, seeing as you’re on Fleewinter’s site, you’re in the perfect place to book a luxury sailing holiday.  Contact Helen, our sailing expert, to start chatting about a sailing holiday.

We can’t wait to welcome you.

PS, did you know that Kefalonia was voted Which? magazine’s ‘Best Greek Island‘ in 2023?!  It’s a good thing we sail there!

Written by Theodora Taylor Franks

Top Travel Tip

“Don’t go sailing with expectations, the wind is rarely playing the same game you are.  Sailing is the art of taking ages often going in entirely the wrong direction and still being pleased about it.  Just take each moment as it arrives and if it’s all feeling a bit slow, switch the engine on and make a cuppa.  Same can be said for life, really.”


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