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The North Ionian

This is the where our yachts live when they are not out and exploring the islands.  The yachts are based in Gouvia Marina, on Corfu – an island with a rich historical identity in the beautiful North Ionian.  If your holiday begins in Corfu, you can expect to visit Paxos, Anti Paxos, the Greek mainland, various locations on Corfu itself as well as sailing past the rugged Albanian coastline.

One of the perks of having a large yacht is the ability to stop in far more locations.  Often we will spend a day or two ‘off-piste,’ exploring coves or parts of the coast we haven’t seen before.  This is as exciting for the crew as it is for you and brings a true sense of adventure.

The North Ionian is also home to a long and rich history.  The Corfu Channel in particular was a hotly contested piece of water so be sure to look out on the chart (maps!) for shipwrecks; and ask in tavernas for the stories behind the towns.  Corfiot Easter is one of the biggest Easter celebrations in Greece, with traditional festivities and food in abundance!

If you’re a particular fan of the Durrells, be sure to visit the White House taverna in Kalami, the home of the family!


Corfu is one of the largest Ionian islands, with a  long and varied history.  ‘Corfu Old Town’ is a UNESCO heritage site and is well worth spending an evening exploring.

Built under a Venetian citadel, the town sprawls out toward the mountains.

The Durrell family famously moved to Corfu in 1935, we regularly spend an evening in the bay where their ‘White House’ was.

Of course, the BBC’s adaptation was also filmed on Corfu and it’s good fun to do a drive-by of some of the filming locations!

Corfu Old Town
Spend an evening exploring the UNESCO heritage town of Corfu. Venetian, French and British influence have made this town a unique and cosmopolitan gem of the Ionian.
Easter Celebrations
The Easter celebrations in Corfu are some of the most joyous in Greece. If you're after pot smashing and table dancing, this is where you'll find it!
Beautiful Bays
Corfu has some of the most beautiful, tree-lined bays. Swimming to the shore for a sundowner, before paddling back to your yacht for a relaxed dinner is a glorious way to spend an evening.
White House
Take a wander around the Durrell's 'White House' in Kalami Bay. A short hop from the marina, this is a great way to begin your week aboard.

Paxos and it’s sister island Anti-Paxos are two beautiful islands a few hours sail south of Corfu.

Home to some of the bluest water in the Mediterranean, they are a cosmopolitan and atmospheric place to spend a few days.

There are three towns on Paxos, each has its own character and, despite being a small island, each feels very independent.

Your crew will guide you through the islands, taking you to some of the most beautiful anchorages and recommending the best tavernas.

Emerald Bay
Emerald Bay is famous for its pristine blue water. In the early season, this is beautiful. However, when it gets busy, our crew will take you a few miles south to equally beautiful and - more importantly - private bays.
There is a gap between Paxos and Anti Paxos, which is greta fun to sail through. Our yachts combine high-performance and luxury, so as your crew weave you through the islands you can enjoy a gin and tonic and the joy of sailing.
Kedhros Bay
Kedhros Bay on the north of Anti-Paxos is one of our favourites. Nicknamed 'Paradise Bay,' it has caves, (safe!) cliffs to jump off, beautiful water, white pebble beaches and an incredible view. A perfect place to disconnect.
Sunset dinner
Something we thoroughly recommend is to have dinner on board one evening, on the West coast of one of the islands. Your crew will find you a private spot to enjoy the kaleidoscopic skies as you sip a glass of ice cold rosé.

The Greek mainland is a jewel often overlooked in favour of island-hopping.  Whilst in the height of summer it can get touristy, in the shoulder seasons it is exceptional.

Picture-perfect Parga is a bubble of hustle and bustle, a world away from sleepy Two-Rock Bay a couple of miles to the south.

Postcard Parga
Parga is one of those towns that looks like it was designed in a dream. Colourful buildings, a Church on an island, taxi boats and winding staircases make this a hustling, bustling jewel of a stop. Although touristy in the peak summer months, in the spring and autumn Parga is truly glorious.
Private Bays
A particular joy of a luxury yacht is the ability to go exploring. Why not spend a day or two slowly meandering down the coast, finding new bays and swimming spots every hour.
Two Rock Bay
Named for the two rocks marking its entrance, two rock bay is a beautiful spot just to the south of Parga, very quiet and a world away from the hustle and bustle of town. Ideal for a bbq aboard and a quiet evening.
Sun Worship
Our yachts are the perfect place to unwind and soak up some sun, dipping into the sea whenever you get close to fully cooked! Please always remember to wear a high SPF sunscreen.
20 minutes from the international airport, Corfu is our home berth
The Faraway Islands
'Faraway' means nothing to our powerful yachts. Head upwind and explore these gems of the Ionian
"Emerald Bay"
Explore beautiful coves and caves. Only accessible by boat...
If you need a "break" from the peace and quiet, spend a night or two with all the other super-yachts in Fiskardo. Boutique shops and dozens of restaurants make it great for people watching.

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