Further Afield

Our yachts are based in Corfu, which is on the Western side of mainland Greece – but we often go sailing further afield.

A typical routes will consist of the North and South Ionian islands.  These include Corfu, Paxos, Anti-Paxos, Lefkada, Meganissi, Kalamos, Kastos, Ithaca, Kefalonia, Zakynthos, as well as numerous smaller islands that are wonderful to stop off at through the day.  Please see the ‘North Ionian’ and ‘South Ionian’ tabs to learn more about these beautiful islands.

For an additional cost however, we can relocate the yachts to different locations in Greece.  If you would like to discuss sailing further afield, please do give one of the sailing team a call on 020 7112 0019 to discuss options.  The yachts are able to travel to Athens, where they can access both the Cyclades and Saronic island chains.  Please note, there is a delivery fee applicable for relocation.

The Cyclades islands include the famous Mykonos and Santorini islands, as well as Ios, Naxos, Sifnos and Siros.  Cyclades itineraries are typically more suited to experienced sailors with a firm understanding of strong weather conditions.  The Saronic islands include Aigina, Hydra and Spetses, they are slightly more protected than the Cyclades and are a good choice for experienced sailors who would like to explore a bit further.

Whilst these island chains are beautiful, it is important to carefully consider the weather and requirements that come with visiting them.  There is a famously strong weather pattern, the ‘Meltemi,’ which is most prevalent in the summer months of June to September.  This affects the Cyclades in particular.  These winds can be powerful and it is not uncommon for yachts to shelter for several days at a time to avoid them.  The distances between islands are also considerable, requiring more hours at sea per day and less time for watersports and swimming.  We recommend that only experienced sailors consider these itineraries.

Give us a call to chat about relocating a yacht and which area would best suit for your holiday.

argentous sailing further afield

Enjoying the catch of the day, sat right next to the sea. Try the sardines, or if you're lucky there'll be fresh calamari...

Seaside dining

Delicious salads, fresh fish, daily baked bread, olive oil, local wine; the list of things Greece does best goes on and on!

Soul food

The Ionian has some of the bluest water to be found in the Mediterranean. Dive into a world of crystal clear water and chalky white cliffs.

Crystal Blue

Built right to the water's edge, there are some beautiful Greek towns dotted up and down the coast. Best seen from the sea, it's impossible to get bored of the view.

Postcard towns