The sunken forest at Lake Kaindy is bursting with natural beauty.

The amazing landscapes of Charyn Canyon are easily accessible from Almaty.

Kazakh golden eagle hunting is still an active tradition in Kazakhstan.

The singing sand dunes in Altyn Emel National Park is a real highlight.

The bustling Green Bazaar in Almaty is well worth visiting.

The Kazakhstan steppes is a vast open grassland spanning much of Central Asia.

Nur Astana Mosque is the third largest mosque in Central Asia.

The stunning Big Almaty Lake is a short and picturesque drive from Almaty.


Kazakhstan is huge, around the size of Western Europe, a vast land of snow-capped mountains, strong ancient traditions and buzzing cities where modern skyscrapers tower over more historic buildings below.

You can learn about the Kazakh during your stay, nomadic Turkic people descended from Genghis Khan, as well as the country’s Silk Road history and the towns the route once passed through, including Turkistan and Taraz.

These days, most travellers to Kazakhstan visit more for the beauty of its spellbinding scenery than for its historical monuments – and you can now be among the first westerners to journey to this remote and little-explored land. Explore mountains home to the rare snow leopard or keep your camera ready to photograph the barren deserts and nature reserves. This is one of the most advanced of the ‘stans, so you’ll find better accommodation here, especially in the almost European looking city of Almaty.

Whether you are looking for an adventurous tour to explore this vast region, or a trip to see the stunning Kazakh Steppe, here at Fleewinter we can plan your perfect tailor made tour. You can view all our suggested Kazakhstan holidays and below are some of our favourite trips. To start planning your holiday, please email or call 0207 112 0019.