Jungle & Rainforest

A visit to Borneo isn’t complete without seeing its jungles and rainforests. Hearing a proboscis monkey’s distinctive call, discovering tropical flowers and plants, watching a stick insect scuttle across a path: you never know what you’ll find in the jungle. Day trips from Kota Kinabalu and Kuching can be arranged but to truly experience these incredible landscapes, staying a few nights in a lodge or chalet is worth the journey. Many lodges are in fairly remote areas so accommodation is simple but comfortable.

Along the Kinabatangan River and in Southern Sabah, in-house guides lead daily walks, river cruises, or drives to look for wildlife. In most cases, guides lead guests in groups to minimize disturbance to the wildlife and eco-system and maximize your chance of seeing animals. While private guides can be arranged in certain circumstances, we encourage you to join in and meet your fellow holiday-makers.