Family Holidays

With so much to discover, a Borneo family holiday will give everyone memories to last a lifetime. Transportation is safe and varied with affordable flights, well-maintained cars, vans, and buses on the roads, and a variety of boats plying the waterways. Resorts and lodges are well-equipped and medical care facilities have English-speaking doctors and staff. Indeed, outside of the traditional tribal villages, everyone speaks at least some English and most Malaysians are fluent.

Spotting monkeys, orangutans, bearded pigs, strange-looking stick insects, crocodiles, and other animals is fun for all ages. With keen-eyed young ones in your group, you may find yourself following their pointed fingers as often as your guide’s. Watching a young orangutan swinging along the ropes in Semenggoh Nature Reserve or climbing a tree at Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre may remind you of your own childhood or watching your children play on a jungle gym.

Canopy walkways, secure yet wobbly in and above Borneo’s rainforests, are great fun for children and any child-at-heart without a fear of heights. We can recommend great places to stay for families with children of any age, including one that can only be reached by crossing a swinging bridge.

Spending time with a local family can be a very rewarding part of a Borneo family holiday. We can arrange an evening in Kuching with a local Malay, Indian, or Chinese family where you’ll be invited into their home and share a meal together. Or spend a night in a traditional longhouse with the Iban or Bidayuh people. Your guide will be on hand to translate for you although we find that children don’t seem to mind the language barrier and make friends quickly. You’ll get an in-depth look at the traditional ways of life and how the descendants of headhunters have adapted their warrior culture to fit today’s more peaceful values.

Below are some of our suggestions for a family-friendly holiday in Borneo. We have plenty of other ideas so please give us a call at UK 0207 112 0019 or email and we’ll tailor-make a holiday for you and your family.


Suggested Places to Stay