Preserving Borneo

Borneo’s rainforests, waterways, and seas create a rich landscape home to a wide variety of plants and animals. We’re concerned about this fragile environment and aware that tourism can cause harm to the land and its residents. Wherever we can, we work with locally-owned hotels, lodges, and resorts with green initiatives in place. Some take simple measures such as providing refillable pitchers of water instead of single-use plastic bottles and biodegradable soaps that don’t pollute the waters. Others forego air conditioning in buildings designed to maximize airflow, use solar-powered hot water heaters, light common areas with lamps that burn recycled cooking oil, or are built on stilts or boardwalks to minimize harm to nearby waterways.

In an effort to minimize air and noise pollution, we encourage you to share transportation with others going to the same place you are. Our ground transportation providers use safe, well-maintained, air-conditioned vehicles. In most areas, we can arrange private transportation for you but we ask that you consider the effects on the environment. All boat journeys are shared.

We also recognize that supporting local communities is important to preserving Borneo’s culture. Our partners hire and train local residents, plant trees, donate to local non-profit organizations, and help communities with a wide range of projects. If you’d like to contribute or to know more about our efforts in supporting sustainable tourism in Borneo, please give us a ring.