Bako Park Chalets Bako National Park - EOK009

Basic lodging within the national park for those wishing to look for nocturnal wildlife and fully explore the park's walking trails

24 Bedrooms, Sleeps 78

Jungle setting
Walking trails
Some rooms en-suite
AC or fans
Cold water showers

Bako National Park is unique amongst Borneo's parks as the wild animals who call this area home are accustomed to human visitors. Many are content to pose for photos and carry about their business without regard for people milling about to watch. Proboscis monkeys often sit in trees outside the canteen in the evening, bearded pigs wander the grounds of the chalets, and macaques will joyfully relieve you of any soft drinks, water bottles, or snacks you happen to be carrying. It's easy to visit on a day trip from Kuching but for those who wish to truly experience what the park offers, an overnight stay is worthwhile.

The park chalets are quite basic as are meals available in the cafeteria. We recommend the en-suite chalets: Forest Lodges 4, 5, and 6. Type 4 Lodges have three single beds per room, air conditioning, and a small refrigerator. Type 5 lodges have four single beds and are cooled only by fans. Type 6 Forest Lodges have two single beds per room, a refrigerator, and a fan. Towels and blankets are provided. You may wish to bring a sarong to use as a top sheet. Showers are cold water only and it's recommended that you bring soap and other basic necessities.

A number of walking trails can be experienced on your own or with a guide. We will include a private guided night walk in your stay to increase your odds of seeing flying lemurs soar from tree to tree, civet cats hiding amongst the leaves, tortoises, frogs, stick insects, and other nocturnal life. Please note that swimming is generally prohibited due to crocodile sightings.

Reaching Bako requires a twenty-minute boat ride across open sea. During the months of December-February, conditions can be too rough for the crossing so we don't recommend a visit during that time of year. At any time of year, if your boat arrives or departs at low tide, you will need to make the final trip to shore on foot as the boats will not be able to reach. We recommend leaving the bulk of your belongings at your hotel in Kuching, packing an overnight bag, and having both sturdy walking shoes and a pair of sandals or water shoes to wear as you cross the beach.

Please note we can only book a stay at Bako Park as part of a package in Borneo including transportation, accommodation, and guided services.