Beaches & Islands

The beaches and islands of Borneo are home to fine sand and incredible marine life. Luxurious resorts, big and small, are tucked away on islands and along quiet stretches of sand meaning there’s something for every beach lover in Borneo.

The islands of Tunkul Abdul Rahman Marine Park near Kota Kinabalu include Gaya and Manukan. Both offer jungle walks, lovely beaches, and easy snorkeling. Near the Tip of Borneo are pristine white sands and clear water, often with no one else in sight. To the east is Selingan Island, home of a turtle hatchery and breeding grounds plus a delightful beach on which to while away an afternoon. Continuing around the coast one reaches the diving paradise of Mabul and Sipadan. Overnight stays on Sipadan are not permitted so Mabul is our top choice for those wishing to dive this internationally renowned site.

Whether you want a romantic overwater bungalow, a private chalet surrounded by jungle with ocean views, or a family-friendly resort with beach that stretches for ages, Borneo has it.