Flights to Borneo

Flights to Borneo from the UK require a change of plane but there are numerous options with great connection times. There are three international airports in Borneo: Kota Kinabalu, Kuching, and Brunei. Singapore and Malaysia Airlines are our top choices for flights from London to Kota Kinabalu with one change of plane and sensible transit times. Via Singapore or Kuala Lumpur, flying time is between 15 and 16 hours plus transit time in your connecting airport. To Kuching, Malaysia and Singapore typically offer the best schedules. For those wishing to fly into or out of Brunei, we recommend Singapore Airlines.

There are multiple carriers flying from Manchester and Birmingham to Borneo but most of these will require an additional connection along the way.

To maximize your time in Borneo, you may wish to start your trip in Kuching or Kota Kinabalu and end in the other. Brunei can also be a unique way to begin or finish your holiday. Depending on your itinerary, Singapore and Malaysia Airlines are again our top choices.

Return flights can often be found for about £600 per person even during the peak months of June-September if booked well in advance. During the Christmas season, flights tend to be £700-850 return. If you’d like suggestions on flights to Borneo or for us to book airfare as part of your holiday, please give us a call at UK 020 7112 0019 or email, we’re happy to advise.