The Great Outdoors

What better way to work off all those gourmet meals than by exploring Piedmont’s outdoor playground? We are big believers in striking a happy balance when on holiday.

With mountains, valleys, vineyards, lakes and alpine forest on your doorstep, the options are endless. Piedmont is particularly popular with cyclists, as pedalling through swathes of vineyards and charming little villages holds a timeless appeal. The region is very hilly though, so be prepared to work hard, or opt for an e-bike to take some of the strain off. Either way, zooming through this winding, water-coloured landscape with the wind in your hair is a pretty exhilarating experience. If you’d prefer to explore by foot, then there plenty of beautiful walking routes, conveniently punctuated by wine-tasting watering holes and tasty trattorias.

There are many more outdoor activities to be enjoyed, so let us know what you’re interested in and we can organise it. We can arrange anything from horse-riding or white water rafting to hot air balloon rides and much more!