How to spend your time in Italy

One of the best things about Italy is that you can visit multiple times and have a totally different experience depending on the time of year. And, it is not just the landscape which is altered by the passing of time, but the activities on offer too. We can’t get enough!

With our firsthand experience of the different regions we offer, we know the best things to see and do year-round, so we can be sure to tailor to your exact dates of travel. This also includes the many annual festivals on offer which celebrate the best of the country’s food, wine, music and arts throughout the year! Aside from the big annual events, seasonal harvests and wine tastings, there is something blissful about simply soaking up the local way of life, organically.

The most effective way to plan your time away is for us to have a chat. Whether you’ve got clear and specific interests, or are new to this part of the world and open to suggestions, we are here to help and create your tailor-made itinerary.  We have put together a number of inspirational itineraries to give you a bit of an idea, but the excitement really begins when we speak with you. So, give us a call on 020 7112 0019 or email and we’ll get the ball rolling…