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Italian cuisine is undoubtedly some of the best in the world. However, it’s not just pizza and pasta (although we love!), there are many other cultural influences which have forged this diverse and distinct food and wine landscape.

Piemonte is a world foodie destination with more Michelin-stars than you can shake a stick at! You’ll find truffles aplenty, most famously their white variety showcased at the Annual White Truffle Festival in Alba, peaches, nougat, and it’s also home to Nutella! This north-western gem is also a major-player in the wine scene, producing knock-out reds from the Langhe; Barolo and Barbaresco (made from the Nebbiolo grape). Piemonte’s Roero region is known for its excellent white Arneis wine (also a Nebbiolo blend).

Many people combine Piedmont with a visit to Liguria, for a healthy dose of Genoese history and colourful seaside villages. Liguria has a much lighter palate, with the most delicious seafood, vegetables, focaccia and pesto around!

Another leading star in the food and wine world is the northern region of Emilia-Romagna, famous for its Parmigiano-Reggiano, balsamic vinegar, cheese-filled pastas, cured meats and the best restaurant in the WORLD (hello – Osteria Francescana). Its most famous wine is red, sparkling and called Lambrusco. To top it off, Bologna is considered the ‘culinary capital’ and one of Italy’s best kept secrets. Also a great combination with Liguria. We love this article on Vogue!

Follow a tasty trail of food, wine and olive oil through the rustic landscapes of Tuscany and Umbria, before arriving in the heel of Italy’s boot a.k.a Puglia! A bit of a newcomer to the gastronomic scene; feast on orecchiette pasta, burrata cheese and seafood. A wonderfully agricultural area which produces much of Italy’s wine, olive oil, fruit and veg! The menu here is typically fresh, sustainable and delicious. Puglia’s wine scene is also enjoying a bit of renaissance, with the most famous native grapes Negroamaro and Primitivo producing bold and complex reds.