Thailand’s North is a stunning mix of lush mountain scenery, dazzling temples, ancient ruins and colourful markets. Visitors will find a quieter, greener and more spiritual side of Thailand.

Chiang Mai is Thailand’s second largest city and the bustling gateway to the North. The focal point of Lanna heritage Chiang Mai province reveals a culture and cuisine distinct from those of Bangkok and the south. You can fly to Chiang Mai in under an hour from Bangkok or catch the overnight sleeper train. During the day, visitors to Chiang Mai are likely to spend most of their time hiking to colourful hill tribe villages or bamboo rafting, and by night exploring frantic night bizarres.

A three-hours drive from Chiang Mai leads to Chiang Rai and the legendary Golden Triangle, where the mighty Mekong and Ruak rivers meet and where Thailand borders Laos and Myanmar. This mystical area with its scenic charm is dotted with remote villages populated by the Hmong, Shan, Yao, Karen, Lahu and Lisu ethnic groups. Here, guests will find an abundance of possibilities to get in touch with local communities.

Pai in Mae Hong Son Province, not far from the Burmese border, is one of our favourite towns in Thailand. It is located around 150 km north-west of Chiang Mai, the drive on a windy and hilly, but scenic, road takes around 3 hours. There is a lot to do and see in and around Pai, such as trekking to waterfalls, bathing in hot springs, exploring caves or spending time in the lovely cafes in town.