Southern African Kids Programme

Southern Africa is a region going through immense change and whilst huge progress has been made over the last 20 years, there is still a long way to go.

First of all – Thank You. By visiting our website it means you are probably planning a trip and there is nothing that the people and the area need more than a continued growth in visitors. In addition there are other ways you can help the country more directly and at Fleewinter we have searched for programmes we can support and encourage our clients to support. From 2010 to 2012 we supported Umthombo, a programme to help get children off the streets of Durban and back into mainstream life. In 2013 and 2014 we supported the Mafambisa programme on the Eastern borders of South Africa. Then from 2015-2019 we two new school new schools in Harare, Zimbabwe.

From 2020 onwards we are moving our focus to Malawi where we funding a new school. Collectively, we have raised more than £30,000 in support of worthwhile education projects and that’s thanks to all our friends and clients for contributing.

A Focus on Children

There are a wealth of good causes to support in Southern Africa and we have chosen to focus on children’s ones, specifically those aimed at education of the youngest and most vulnerable. In a rapidly developing region we passionately believe that education is fundamental in creating an integrated community and minimising the chances of new generations being sucked into the spiral of poverty and crime.

To ensure that every penny you donate goes directly to the programme, the funds we raise are managed by We See Hope, a UK based charity.  We work them for many reason, not least that they guarantee 100% of the fund we raise going to the projects rather than administering the charity.

Ben Tchauya

We see hope have been running an early child development programme in Ben Tchauya in central Malawi.  It is an area of high poverty and high levels of orphanhood.  With the money we have committed they will be able to construct a school that will serve 106 children.  This is very much a co-operative project – the village chief has donated the land and the community will make 60,000 bricks for using in the construction with construction starting in Feb 2020.

How it works

It couldn’t be simpler – we donate £5 or £10 for every booking we make and we also add a matching donation onto all our client invoices, making £10 or £20 in total. Of course your donation is entirely voluntary and clients who prefer, can ignore it. On the other hand, everyone is welcome to increase the donation at the time of booking or anytime thereafter…

To learn more about We See Hope’s vision, click here

Thanks again for your support and please do ask if you want more details.