Southern African Kids Programme

Southern Africa is a region going through immense change and whilst huge progress has been made over the last 20 years, there is still a long way to go.

First of all – Thank You. By visiting our website it means you are probably planning a trip and there is nothing that the people and the area need more than a continued growth in visitors. In addition there are other ways you can help the country more directly ad at Fleewinter we have searched for programmes we can encourage our clients to support. From 2010 to 2012 we supported Umthombo, a programme to help get children off the streets of Durban and back into mainstream life. In 2013 and 2014 we supported the Mafambisa programme on the Eastern borders of South Africa. Since 2015 we have been supporting a new school in Harare, Zimbabwe, which we have been involved in right from the word go.  Collectively, we have raised more than £20,000 in support of worthwhile education projects and that’s thanks to all our friends and clients for contributing.

A focus on Children

There are a wealth of good causes to support in Southern Africa and we have chosen to focus on children’s ones, specifically those aimed at education of the youngest and most vulnerable. In a rapidly developing region we passionately believe that education is fundamental in creating an integrated community and minimizing the chances of new generations being sucked into the spiral of poverty and crime.

To ensure that every penny you donate goes directly to the programme, the funds we raise are managed by We See Hope, a UK based charity. It is with our commitment that they have been able to use the money to introduce a new local pre-school in Zimbabwe.

Wise Hare Pre-school

The project aims to provide education support to orphans and vulnerable children in the area. The money we have raised through Fleewinter holidays pays entirely for the Wise Hare School.

The school has a good reputation in the local area already, which has been built on its brilliant teachers, new facilities and outdoor playground. The next challenge will be sustaining this success and opening the doors to more students. Wise Hare is more than just a school project – it also integrates the local community and provides a footing for a “Villagers Investment Programme” which means that within 4 years the project will be self-supporting and your funds can used to set up a new project.

The economic climate in Zimbabwe is a tough one and the future is by no means set for the Wise Hare School. Low disposable income makes it difficult to sustain growth, however they have introduced some small projects to help raise money to buy food for the children. This includes an onsite tuck-shop and a vegetable garden, the latter however made difficult by the recent drought. It has been great to see that the community spirit in Chitungwisa is rife, as many local people are donating food to the school.

How it works

It couldn’t be simpler – we donate £10 for every booking we make and we also add a matching donation onto all our client invoices, making £20 in total. Of course your donation is entirely voluntary and clients who prefer can ignore it. On the other hand, everyone is welcome to increase the donation at the time of booking or anytime thereafter…

We were delighted to see 29 children graduate to primary school in 2015 and the expectation is that this pre-school enrolment number will continue to grow.

With continued support from teachers, guardians, the local community and the church, Wise Hare School should soon be able to take up to 40 children. The church has already begun to raise money to add another classroom, which they are hoping will be underway by next year. If this happens, coupled with the help of additional teachers, the school will be able to enroll up to 100 students, which would be a fantastic result.

To learn more about We See Hope’s vision, click here


Thanks again for your support and please do ask if you want more details