Omani Mountains

Oman is a mountainous country with spectacular peaks and canyons, where narrow paths snake between the hideaway villages. Discover spectacular trails for trekking through date palms and banana groves, through the terraced gardens of roses, following the aflaj (ancient irrigation system) and watching the villagers collecting the flowers. The green mountains of the south hide the famous frankincense trials and a surprise landscape in this arid part of the world.

There are many trails from the north to the south, but some of the nicest points would be Hajar’s Jebel Shams – Oman’s highest peak (3,000m) and Jebel Akhdar – Oman most scenic, as well as Jebel Samhan in the south – Dhofar green mountains. The charming peaceful town of Nizwa is a great starting point to explore Jebel Akhdar and Jebel Shams.