Desert Hideaways

The desert has served as an inspiration for several luxury hideaways. Most of the resorts were built in a traditional Arabian style and have added up all the modern facilities one can wish for. The main purpose of a desert retreat, however, is to connect with the nature and to learn more about the Bedouin way of living. Interesting activities are part of the package and most of the resorts are family-oriented. A desert hideaway is also a great option for special occasions and will be a memorable experience for all.

The resorts are located remotely, around 1h drive from the main cities in UAE, which is perfect for a twin-center holiday. In Oman the Wahiba Sands are around 2 to 3 hours away from Muscat, so still a can do. The retreats are usually built in protected areas so the landscape is really beautiful. For more details, give us a call or have a look at the selected accommodation below.