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If you would like to see both UAE and Oman, flying between the two countries will save a lot of time and will put more comfort into your holiday. The flights are usually around 45 minutes and are really worth it compared to a long-day drive and the hassle of going through ground border control lines. Emirates, FlyDubai, Etihad, Oman Air and Air Arabia have more than enough flights per day to make this happen.

Self – driving

Hiring a car would be the best option to travel in the region. Getting around UAE and Oman is very easy, the roads are of a great standard and well marked. It is always better to hire a 4×4 as some places require going off-road. One can drive to the highest peaks as well. A visit to the desert is always better to do with a guide.

Transfers and taxis

Most of our clients don’t bother with a car and get us to arrange transfers for a hassle-free holiday. We have a good selection of excellent air-conditioned cars and 4×4’s, all available with an English-speaking driver. Dubai’s public transport system is probably the best in the Middle East, but it’s still a very car-oriented city and getting around with the taxies is the norm here. The same will apply to Abu Dhabi and Muscat.

Bus services

There are indeed bus services between UAE and Oman, but they are rather lengthy and infrequent and the land border control is sometimes a lengthy process. We would rather advise against travelling by bus between the two countries. Getting around between different cities within UAE and Oman might be a good idea at times, for example between Dubai and Abu Dhabi or between Nizwa and Muscat.

The pearl of the Middle East
Abu Dhabi
Capital of UAE
Musandam Peninsula
Fjord-like bays with snorkeling and dolphin spotting opportunities
Capital of Oman
The green jewel of the Arabian Peninsula
Cute little town on the coast of Oman
The cultural capital of Oman

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