The Fleewinter Story

Alisdair Luxmoore founded Fleewinter in 2003 with the vision of making authentic travel accessible to a wider market. Now, 16 years on and Fleewinter offers tailor-made holidays across more than 50 world-wide destinations, thanks to an incredibly dedicated team of 25 travel specialists.

We spend a great deal of time hand-picking characterful and traditional properties, which will enrich your stay and enable you to eat, sleep and breathe the culture of the destination you are in. We are committed to providing our clients with exciting new experiences and crucial insights. We try to get ‘off-the-beaten-track’ where possible, as we believe that this is crucial to the identity of a place.

But, the big difference with Fleewinter is the way we work.  No one at Fleewinter is just an employee – instead we are a team of partners with each specialist running their destination as their own ‘mini business’. Our way of working enables our specialists to visit their destinations frequently, or even call it home for while… and it means that wherever you are going, you are always dealing with the boss.  You will get the care and attention needed to ensure that you get the most out of your trip, knowing at the same time that this is backed up with the experience and financial protection of an award-winning specialist tour-operator.

If you are looking for honest inspiration and expert advice, then we’ve got it by the bucket-load!

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The Team

The Fleewinter difference is in the people who make it up. We are a team of intrepid travellers, who pride ourselves on our first-class destination knowledge and entrepreneurial flare. Each member of the team is fully responsible for their own region and for knowing their countries inside out. We spend a lot of time researching and travelling to our destinations. It is hard work and requires serious dedication, but the reward is in the experiences we get to share with you and the amazing freedom it gives us.

We will only offer holidays where we can provide genuine expert advice and, if we can't, then we will tell you (and often suggest someone who can).

We find we give better advice if we are able to have a quick chat over the phone. The more we get to know about you, what you are looking for and what makes you tick, the better the holiday you're going to have. So don’t be shy, pick up the phone and give us a call 020 7112 0019.

Alisdair founded Fleewinter in 2003 and is still very much involved in planning client holidays in Morocco, east and southern Africa and most recently sailing trips around the Greek islands

Alisdair Luxmoore

Company founder, Africa & Sailing

A prolific traveller, Delia is our Peru and Southeast Asia expert – specialising in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Burma.

Delia Monk

Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar & Peru

Anna works with Alisdair and Barbara on tailoring trips to Morocco and has most recently jumped on board with the greek island sailing trips

Anna Galecka

Morocco & Greek Island Sailing

Specialising in four countries at Fleewinter, Jenna’s love for travel has taken her all over the world where she has fallen in love with very different but incredible destinations. She has spent considerable time in each place researching the best they all have to offer!

Jenna Kearns

India, Morocco, Peru & Costa Rica

Jessie is our India expert. She comes from a background of tailor-made tours to India & spends as much time as she can in the country, for both work & pleasure. On the side she is an avid photographer & finds India a fascinating subject. She also offers trips to Bermuda, a country very close to her heart...

Jessie Green

India, Italy & Bermuda

As well as running all of our systems and payments, Gosia has probably been to more FW destinations than anyone else

Gosia Wasikowska

Seychelles & Jordan

Jess works in our 'head office', looking after the marketing and business development side of things. When she's not doing this, she is co-running our Italy Food & Wine programme. She would argue that this is her spiritual home and so she is more than excited to share it's delights with our clients.

Jess Hilton

Marketing & Italy

Eva fell SO in love with Thailand, that she decided to get married in Koh Phangan! She later moved to Australia with her husband and she is now delighted to be able to share her passion for both of these unique destinations with our clients...

Eva Bruce

Thailand & Australia

Katie was introduced to New Zealand's green pastures by her kiwi husband Steven. The country made such an impression, that several years later they decided to move there. Being adventure seekers, there was only one way for them to get from London to Auckland and that was by bicycle! Now known as the Pedalling Prescotts...

Katie Prescott

New Zealand

Rebecca is a professional sun-seeker and is passionate about helping her clients to truly 'switch off' and recharge. Her trips focus on pure relaxation, wellbeing and luxury. She left the bright city lights and a corporate
job behind her, to pursue a better work-life balance against a tropical backdrop.

Rebecca Massa

Mauritius & Antigua

Anthea is based in Africa and has spent all her working life leading tours around southern Africa and planning holidays and safaris.
She loves nothing more than exploring the bush on horseback and marvelling at the majestic animals. She is a keen photographer too!

Anthea Myburgh

East & Southern Africa

Francesca has years of experience working in the travel industry and so leapt at the opportunity to hone all of her skills into launching Fleewinter's new Italy programme! As a qualified chef and all-round travel enthusiast, Italy Food & Wine Tours was a perfect match! Food, wine, travel...what's not to love?!

Francesca Thorley

Italy Food & Wine

Daphne's absolute favourite place of all time is Africa. She fell in love with the country when she went on her first horseback-safari to explore the bush... She now returns several times a year and each time she takes away something new. Africa is a gift that keeps on giving!

Daphne Wijnveldt

South Africa & St Lucia

Coming up for 14 years with Fleewinter, Simon is the expert on villas in Barbados and St Lucia
Simon Gill Your Caribbean Holiday Expert at Fleewinter

Simon Gill


Leading a life as a nomadic travel addict for more than a decade, Lynn has travelled the world extensively but her heart is always getting her back to Asia which she has always had a very close bond with. Japan is her precious little gem and she loves helping others make their trip perfect and memorable.

Lynn Mallinger


With 15 years working in the spa industry including managing spas for spas for the Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons and Fairmont hotels, Sarah is an expert in all things spa and wellness.
Combined with a love of travel and her spa knowledge she will create the perfect wellness experience for you.

Sarah Leckie

Spa & Wellness

Alba has been leading a fully nomadic life and has travelled to many places of the world. She had a special love affair with Japan since she first set foot there.

Alba Garcia


From the moment I started my first job aged 15 I was always saving for my next trip. My passion for travel only grew as I drank in the stories of new friends at University and plotted my own gap year with a starting list of over 30 countries I was desperate to visit.

Carly Watling

Maldives & Sri Lanka

Magda is newest member of our team, and crucial to the smooth running of the business. Always smiling and cheerful, she fell in love with Croatia 16 years ago and her passion for travel has blossomed ever since!

Magda Adamczyk

Accounts and Operations Assistant

Recently my colleague and I discovered the wonders of the Kingdom of Jordan. If you haven’t seen Petra yet, put it on your bucket list. Jordan however is not only Petra, and ancient sites, it is adventure in wadis, trekking in the gorges and canyons and relaxing by the two seas.

Barbara Podbial

Morocco, Bali, Lombok, Jordan & Cape Town

For the last decade, I’ve been calling Dubai home. Its laid back lifestyle, 365 days of sunshine and cosmopolitan vibe makes it the perfect place for me.

Ramona Manghnani

UAE & Oman

I was fortunate enough to travel to some beautiful destinations growing up as my parents worked in the airline industry. I quickly developed a love of travelling and one particular location stopped me in my tracks. I spent 10 days in Sri Lanka with a friend and fell in love with the country and its people.

Steffi Shaw

Sri Lanka & Iceland

I love absorbing the energy of a place. I am drawn to destinations that combine something for the mind as well as for the soul. A mix of natural beauty and nature with fascinating culture and wonderful stories. If there’s a boat trip, I’m in my element. Throw in world-class wines and delicious food, well, what more could one want?!

Aslinn O'Neill


I’ve now found my new home in Seville, Spain and it’s been through this exciting move that I’ve been able to get stuck into my research to launch Andalusia as a destination for Fleewinter. It’s really exciting to put together Andalusia with a focus on walking, and so combining two of my favourite things; travel and hiking!

Sarah Colvin

Belize & Spain

Having lived and traveled extensively in Borneo, Malaysia, and the Philippines, Marbree knows these areas inside out. Constantly on the move in search of great diving and beautiful beaches, she's also our Cayman Islands expert.

Marbree Sullivan

Borneo, Malaysia, Philippines, & Cayman Islands

Inspired by my grandmother’s tales of life in Shanghai and her adventures around the world in the 1920s and 30s, I caught the travel bug very early in life.

Kathryn Burrington

The Gambia

Following many happy years travelling and working as a yacht captain, Thea decided to move back to the UK to be nearer to her family. She now works closely with Fleewinter's fleet of yachts in Greece, their crews and shore team. Thea is still regularly to be found on board, enjoying the wind in her hair!

Theodora Franks

Greek Island Sailing