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The Fleewinter Team are all so knowledgeable, friendly, helpful and reliable. They provide an excellent, very professional service whilst also feeling like they are your friend! I have now been on three trips with them and don’t think I could travel with anyone else!

- Miles, Morocco

It all began with a cold dark winter…

How were you booking holidays at the turn of the Millenium?

Alisdair Luxmoore was struggling. It was the bleak winter of 2003.

The days were short and the nights were long. And it was cold. Very cold. He wanted to flee to South Africa for some winter sun but it was tough to find decent accommodation that could be trusted.

So he booked a flight, took his family with him, and started investigating for himself. Weeks later, after inspecting dozens of villas and apartments all over Cape Town, he came back to London determined to help others flee the Great British winter. Authentically. Fleewinter was born.

Always book with the boss

Today you can travel to more than 50 countries with Fleewinter. The team has grown considerably. But we are not staff, nor are we employees. We are all co-owners and partners of the business.

Each one of us has discovered a new country and explored it for months or years. Some of us have even lived in those countries or still do.

We have turned these countries, our passions, into our own small businesses for Fleewinter.  That’s why you will always deal with the boss at Fleewinter, and it is why we care so much.

It is also why you will find our prices are so competitive. We have very few overheads, staff and admin costs. Allowing us to offer a personal one-to-one service at great value instead.

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