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Morocco, Bali, Lombok, Cape Town, Jordan & Cuba

Barbara Podbial

I think that I’ve always lived from holiday to holiday, saving my money for these precious moments in life. As a kid I loved camping with my parents – still do in fact – but as I grew up I felt I needed to expand my horizons.

I can still remember my first real journey and how it happened. The wallpaper on my computer at the time was of a beautiful  island in the Maldives; a paradise of sandy beaches and turquoise seas. Day after day I would stare at it enviously, moaning about how I wished I could go there, until one day I realised that I simply had to go there, right now, or else I never would. I booked the tickets before I’d even finished my morning coffee and never looked back.

The only problem with travel is that, once you start, you can’t stop thinking about new and exciting places to visit. Bali, for example, had always been on my bucket list but I never imagined that I would get to see it even once, let alone be going there as often as I do now. Each and every time I visit I discover new and wonderful places on this magical island and I absolutely adore its people and its culture.

I have also travelled extensively around Morocco, which often feels like going back in time. The diversity of the country is incredible and so is the local cuisine. Well, as long as you like coriander that is.

Everywhere I travel I try to go with my husband and daughter. Spending time together as a family, undistracted by daily routine, is what really makes travelling together so rewarding. It’s incredible how adaptive kids can be and it can be really amazing looking at the world through their eyes. Never worry about taking your children on long journeys as travelling doesn’t tire them even half as much as it does us. And they really will appreciate it too. After our last visit to Colombia, my 11-year-old daughter told me that she felt as if she had learned more during the three-week trip than she would have done during a whole year of school. So I guess travel really does broaden the mind.

I’ve been with Fleewinter for over ten years, and I love my job more and more each day. It isn’t just about selling holidays, it’s about giving my clients unforgettable experiences and helping to create some of the best moments in their lives. As a team, we all listen to our clients’ needs and endeavour to provide them with everything they want from their holiday, so that they can fulfil their dreams. For me, there’s nothing better than getting calls from happy clients telling me just how much they loved their holiday and how they can’t wait to plan another trip. It’s why I do what I do.

Remember, you will never regret money spent on travel. The memories do not wear off and they’ll stay with you forever.

Barbara Podbial

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