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Japan, Barbados, Egypt & Thailand

Lynn Mallinger

My interest in travel began at a very young age. I was fortunate enough to be taken on holidays with my parents and experience the many wonders and curiosities of new countries and cultures in my childhood. We would regularly visit my mother’s family and friends in Northeast Asia, and so I formed a bond with this region early on.

After my studies, I left my home country of Luxembourg and began exploring the world as soon as I could before making my dream come true and go on a year-long solo world trip. I immediately fell in love with the travelling lifestyle and was eager to discover more of the wonders this beautiful world has to offer. Over the last decade, I have travelled extensively across all five continents and today, I am proud to say I continue to lead a nomadic lifestyle. My passion for travel is intrinsic to who I am and I will always be the happiest while on the move exploring new places.

For that reason, having this job at Fleewinter is a dream come true. Not only does it allow me to discover these wondrous cultures in depth but it also lets me share my passion with others. It is a true privilege to help others discover the magic of Japan, Thailand, Egypt, and Barbados.

It is my pleasure to help others make their trip as perfect and memorable as it can be. A surely fascinating voyage full of endless discovery is awaiting you.

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