Non-Riding Activities Italy

Explore Tuscany

Castelleare di Tonda is a great base to visit some nearby cities. These non-riding activities are easy to combine with the riding and perfect for non-riders. Tuscany is located in central Italy and stretches from the Apennines to the Tyrrhenian Sea. Its landscape, artistic heritage and stand-out cities, above all Florence, make Tuscany an unquestioned protagonist of international tourism. Here you can find medieval villages, historical towns, castles, country churches and beautiful abbeys, that certainly gives Tuscany its well-know charm.


Siena shines perfectly from a distance in its medieval magnificenceThe three hills that surround the city, rise up like an idyllic film set. The old boundaries soften like the past into a countryside. This is a city where every stone has stayed the same down the centuries. The most striking expression is the Palio, a horse race around the piazza del Campo. But, even if you’re not in town during the Palio days, you can still soak up the atmosphere by visiting the many museums.


Florence is the perfect walking city due to its compactness. Stroll down the Baptistery to the Palazzo Vecchio or from the Ponte Vecchio to the Pitti Palace, you walk into a world of art but also of fashion. Florence city centre (UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1982) scatters with an eclectic mix of boutiques. The loggias, the piazzas, churches and even the streets are dotted with art works, but to see these artists at their finest visit the city’s exceptional museums.


Pisa and its Piazza dei Miracoli are a ‘must-see’ on any trip to Tuscany. Visit the Leaning Tower – this sacred place still emits a timeless, evocative and powerful beauty. Discovering Pisa means getting lost in squares packed with students who fill up the nighttime locales, bringing new life to the medieval city. Sitting at one of the little tables in the bars at one of the piazza’s is a lovely way to spend an afternoon. Meandering through the hidden alleyways and riverfront streets, means coming upon architectural gems .


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