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Hungary Horse Riding

The best place to feel free!

Hungary Puszta horse riding at Homoki, offers long trots and exiting fast gallops over open fields. Homoki is a traditional farm, transformed into a Boutique Lodge.  Vegetable gardens and fruit Orchards provide fresh products.

The lodge offers seven rooms in total.  The Junior Suite with its own terrace and the Luxury Suite with its own garden. The rooms are designed with love to detail with an eclectic mix of Hungarian and European antiques, to give them individuality. For this reason, each room looks different and you can expect a high level standard. No televisions are set in the lodge rooms. Like this, you are able to enjoy nature at its best.

Hungary horse riding presents: Homoki Yurt, “AWARD WINNER 2016 for MINDFUL DESIGN 2016 ”, PURE LIFE EXPERIENCES

The 7 Luxury Yurts named after the 7 tribe leaders, have a historical background. The reason for this, are the Hungarian nomad people called Magyar. Riding through Hungary they saw this beautiful homeland, blessed with all gifts of nature and decided to settle down building their yurts.

Each of the yurts stand on a little hill, due to this they look exactly like the traditional ones. The inside stays in contrast to this and you will be staggered once you enter the yurts. The yurts offer an open and light-full interior on 3 levels. Like this the double bed ‘floats’ in the centre of the highest level, under a glass dome. Giving you a feeling as if you sleep under the stars. The sitting area merges with surrounding nature due to big window-doors, opening up onto the terrace that overlooks the endless steppe. The open bathroom sits on the mid-level, so you feel as if you are bathing in the middle of the meadows next to the grassing horses.

The Hungary Puszta riding is one of the best equestrian vacation terrains in the world. Due to no obstructions from fences or roads. Hungary is a paradise for horse riding holidays.  Riding in Hungary will be an unforgettable holiday on horse back, riding through meadows, woodland, fields and marshes.

What to expect

Below are a few rides that you can expect on a 7 nights itinerary of Hungary Horse Riding

Puszta Ride
Get acquainted with the sure footed, untiring Hungarian Warm blood horses and experience the openness of the country.
Highwaymen Ride
Ride and discover the former wetlands, which represented since the early 19th century an ideal area for bandits to hide themselves from the authorities.
Buffalo Ride
This is a long ride across the plains offering beautiful scenery of the flat Puszta landscape.
Nature Reserve Ride
Ride along the Hungarian path Blue Tour by following the border to Serbia.
Full Moon Ride
Experience a night trail during the full-moon period.
Homoki Lodge
Discover the southern Hungarian Puszta!

Get acquainted with the sure footed, untiring Hungarian Warm blood horses and experience the openness of the country, the seemingly never-ending sandy tracks, meadows and ride even through pine and acacia forests
Castellare Di Tonda
Horse riding through the heart of Tuscany only an hour from Pisa and Florence!

A magnificent equestrian center, perched on a high hill and accessible only by winding roads snaking through thickly wooded forests, is the perfect base for your horse riding holiday!
Your Fairytale Trail starts in Ljubljana. Dream away, surrounded by beautiful nature. Enjoy an amazing country from horseback and visit cultural sights, learn more about Slovenian traditions, see Lake Bled's picture-perfect turquoise water, visit the Lipica stud farm or enjoy the charms of Ljubljana.

Here your riding adventure starts. Enjoy a combination of strolling through the Medina and daily rides. Step into the footprints of the nomads during a dromedaries ride with an overnight in a berber bivouac. Or enjoy some full-day rides combined with moroccan traditions.


Your adventure starts here!

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