Bulgaria Trails

Bulgaria Trails – the country without fences

Bulgaria Trails is an amazing destination, because it is a real horse country. The Bulgarian state was founded in the year 681 by the proto Bulgarians. These nomads came from Mongolia on horseback and having a horse tail as their flag. Nowadays in Central Balkan, hundreds of wild horses live outdoors all year. The temperatures they live in and search for food, are 30 °C in summer down to −20 °C in winter. Bulgaria is the perfect horse riding destination. Like Mongolia this is a country where fences and gates are a rare sight, especially in the mountain regions where our rides take place.

Our riding centres and our rides

The riding centres are located in Rodopi (just 20 min. drive from Plovdiv) and Teteven Balkan (one hour drive from Sofia). Each riding centres is carefully selected and surrounded by plenty of pasture land. Horses welfare is of primary importance and the synonym for a happy horse is a free grazing horse. The horses are locally bred Karakachan along with East Bulgarian and Arab crosses. Their withers are between 1,40 m and 1,60 m, so all weights can find an adequate tour companion. The horses are strong, agile and used to hard work. Their stamina and agility are outstanding and they are tough and extremely sure footed over rocky, even snow covered mountains.

Bulgarian Trails can cater for novice, intermediate and experienced riders. The horses on riding holidays work hard week after week and even with regular breaks and good tack it is hard work for them, therefore the maximum weight is 187lb (85kg). Though an experienced rider, who may exceed the weight limit, may ride very light on the horse’s back. So, please do check with us first.


Western and English saddles are available. Helmets and saddle bags are provided upon request.


Below you can see the area where the different trails would take place.