When it comes to holidays with a difference, few places on earth can compare to Cuba. Put simply, it’s a Caribbean paradise, and because of its unique atmosphere and way of life, no visitor to the island leaves feeling anything less than utterly enchanted. People flock from all over the world to sample its world-class cigars, immerse themselves in its lively street music scene, dance salsa, and sip the finest rum on white sandy beaches that are second to none. Whether you spend your time in a vintage Cadillac touring the captivating city of Havana with its colourful, crumbling mansions, or go horseback riding in Viñales – the country has something for everyone.

Of course, Cuba is also a country with a fascinating past. Its decades-long history of turmoil, change, perseverance and revolution makes it one of the most interesting countries in the world. The US Embargo alone is enough to spark curiosity, and when you consider that this modestly-sized island is the only nation in the Americas to resist the influence of the United States, you can’t help but feel impressed. In 1962, for example, the presence of Soviet missiles on the island annoyed its superpower neighbour so much that it almost triggered a nuclear war – and yet, still – Cuba resists. And it’s this defiance that is at the very heart of Cuba, defining it as a nation, a culture and a people. For good reason, every step in Cuba feels like a forbidden delight.

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