Cienfuegos, City Gem without the Crowds


For those looking to experience Cuba without the tourist crowds, then the picturesque little town of Cienfuegos is an absolute must. Because of its close proximity to Trinidad, which is just a stone’s throw away, many visitors mistakenly overlook this charming settlement in favour of its bigger neighbour and miss out on a real experience. For although you won’t find many tourists here, the city is still very lively with locals and is known as the cleanest and most well-looked after cities on the island. Colourful facades and French colonial architecture greet you as you wander the main street, Prado, which runs through the whole city and ends at the beautiful Malecón. Most of the Cienfuegos nightlife takes place along this esplanade, which leads to a small peninsula where the city’s biggest hotel, Hotel Jagua, is located. In the historic centre of the city you’ll find the Plaza Mayor, with its fantastic church, city hall, ‘Tomas Terry’ theatre, the Casa de la Cultura, all of which have been renovated over the past few years.