Best Casas Particulares

Casa Particulares

A Casa Particular is essentially a Cuban homestay, similar to a bed and breakfast. Casas particulares offer a superb way to escape the conformity of hotels and get a closer insight into the Cuban way of life. That’s not to say that you’ll be forced to spend a lot of time with the family, however. On the contrary, in fact. In our experience, there’s much more privacy in a casas particulares than you’d find in many other parts of the world, with most casas offering an entire separate home, or at least a section of the home to their guests. Your family will want you to relax and enjoy your time in both their home and their city, therefore respecting your privacy, but also always being at hand to help or chat. Staying at a casa is such a wonderful way to break bread with real Cuban families and experience their way of life first hand. With casas for individual travellers and families alike, ranging from basic standards to high-end accommodation, there really is a casa for everyone.

Due to the wide difference in the quality and standard of accommodation we have divided the casas into three categories. Click on the links below to see the feature of each category:

All of the casas particulares offered by Fleewinter have been checked and inspected by our local team. All of the rooms that Fleewinter offers fulfill the following criteria: private bathroom, air-conditioning and a room with a window.