Valparaiso is a major seaport on the Pacific Ocean, 120 km northwest of Santiago. Once enjoying an illustrious past as a strategic port, in the second half of the twentieth century Valparaiso went through a decline as many wealthy families left due to fewer commercial opportunities, mainly due to the opening of the Panama canal. However, in the last few decades the city has seen a resurgence as it has become the home of many artists, universities and a destination for international tourists. The historic part of Cerro Alegre, where you will find most if not all hotel options, is particularly charming thanks to its cobblestone winding streets, artists boutiques and amazing views of the city and the ocean. Bear in mind that the city is very hilly but luckily some of the old elevators are still functioning.

Accommodation choices are lovely boutique hotels, often set in historic townhouses that have been converted into charming hotels oozing lots of character. You can visit Valparaiso on a day trip from Santiago but if you like taking your time whilst on holiday, 1 or 2 nights here can be a fantastic choice as you can also visit neighbouring Viña del Mar, a coastal resort town with immense beaches, and some of the nearby wine regions.