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Air-Cruise to Antarctica from Chile

Going to the White Continent is the ultimate adventure and once in your life experience. No other place on earth is so untouched and extreme, with landscapes and wildlife you have only ever seen on documentaries!


Why an air-cruise?

Fleewinter is partner with Antarctica21, the pioneers of a new way to travel to Antarctica and what we believe is also a better way: providing quick, intimate access to the White Continent.

Before Antarctica21, travellers who wanted to reach the Antarctic Peninsula had only one option: a 2-day sail across the notoriously rough seas of the Drake Passage. However, since 2003, their boutique wilderness adventures have offered a more comfortable alternative. Fly the Drake with a two-hour flight that takes you from Punta Arenas, the Chilean gateway to Patagonia, directly to Antarctica, where you then board one of their state of the art expedition ships.

No stormy crossing.

No seasickness.

Just quick, total immersion in your Antarctic adventure.

Boutique Expedition Cruising

Antarctica21 has two vessels operating, Magellan Explorer and Ocean Nova, and they both hold less than 100 passengers, meaning that you will always go on an outing on land or by zodiac and will not miss any opportunities – no more than 100 visitors can be on land at the same time in Antarctica.

Their small expedition vessels are more like private yachts, offering direct access to areas along the Antarctic shore that larger ships simply can’t reach. Since there are fewer guests onboard, you get on and off faster, so your time ashore is focused where it should be: savouring every moment of a travel experience unlike any other.

What aircraft will I be flying on?

For the flight operations they use three similar aircrafts: the BAE 146-200, the AVRO RJ 85, and the AVRO RJ 100. These aircraft were manufactured in the United Kingdom by British Aerospace (which later became part of BAE Systems).

They are high-wing aircraft with short runway requirements, which make them particularly suited for this kind of destination. They are operated by Aerovías DAP, which has more than 25 years of experience flying in Patagonia and Antarctica.

They will be chartered exclusively for the use of Antarctica 21 guests and the cost of the flight will always be included.

When should I go?

We always say there is no bad time to go Antarctica, and do believe this! However, a lot will depend on what you want to see and the budget. The season runs from October to March.

Oct and November will have much icier conditions as the continent is coming out of the winter. But if you love penguins, this is when they are most active as they are returning to their nests.

December, January and up to early February is the high season and the summer in the continent. with almost endless light. Whale sightings increase and fluffy penguin chicks start hatching. Prices can be much higher.

The end of season is spectacular in its own right. February to March are great for wildlife with a plethora of whale species, leopard seals hunting and gorgeous multi coloured sunrises and sunsets.

Where should I go?

The most popular expedition cruise from Chile is to the Antarctic Peninsula as it is the shorter voyage to the most accessible part of the continent.

For a once in your life, more exclusive experience you can choose a voyage that crossed the Antarctic circle. These expeditions normally run after mid-December as passages start to open as temperatures go up and the ice has started to melt.

Antarctica 21 also offers a short Antarctica Express Air Cruise, starting in Ushuaia Argentina and ending in Punta Arenas, Chile. Perfect if you want to get a glimpse of the White Continent, are short on time and just want to include Antarctica in a more comprehensive Chile or Argentina holiday.


How much will it cost and when should I book?

A trip to Antarctica comes at a cost of course, but it could be the best trip you will ever take in your life! However, avoiding the high season can bring big discounts and sometimes there can be some last minute offers in the rare event that there are spaces available. But in general, you should book well in advance to avoid disappointment, especially if you with to travel in the higher season. Places are limited and are booked well in advance, sometimes a couple of years prior.

Be inspired by the different itineraries below and do give us a call on 0207 112 0019 or email our specialists. The advantage of booking with Fleewinter is that we often have access to special offers and we will plan your whole trip including any additional nights in Chile and domestic flights, taking away all the stress!

Expedition ships

Expedition itineraries

The capital of Chile is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city worth spending a few nights in. My favourite places are Lastarria and Bellavista neighbourhood, where you can find plenty of bars, restaurants and boutique shops to keep you entertained, and still close enough to the city's highlights.
Atacama Desert
The Atacama Desert will surely not disappoint you if you are looking for out of this world landscapes! San Pedro de Atacama is the gateway town to this world wonder, and with plenty of desert lodges for all budgets, 3 nights or more in the region are a must!

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