Blog: When is the best month to go to the Maldives?

When is the best month to travel to the Maldives? Well, that really depends what you're looking for...
Carly, Fleewinter Maldives Specialist

The Maldives is a year-round destination, with a very general guide of ‘high season’ being December to April and ‘low season’ being May to November. You really can travel any month of the year, but there are windows that might be best for you to visit based on your personal preferences.

Here I divulge all my tips to help you decide when to go to the Maldives  – and as always, please don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss further by emailing or by calling 0207 112 0019.

If you are a sun-worshipper…

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To be guaranteed endless days of glorious sunshine (with as much guarantee as you can have when discussing weather in a tropical country…) then I would go in late January, February or into early March. Rainfall is at its absolute lowest across the whole of the Maldives. April is also a lovely hot month, with a small chance of rain and you can expect high humidity so this might appeal to the heat-seekers the most.

If you are a surfer…

Surf season begins in March but is at its absolute best in July. This blog is a great detailed breakdown of the best spots. There are some particular hotspots and certain points of the year, so do let your booker know you are a keen surfer and looking for a resort near the best breaks. The best way in my opinion is probably to hire a live-aboard boat and seek out the surf! We work with some charter yachts as well as more traditional and inexpensive dhoni style boats and Turkish gulets. Get in touch to discuss.  

If you are looking for great diving and snorkelling…

The best months for diving conditions are between December and April, with visibility quality peaking in February and March. However, we actually get the greatest reports of marine life spots during the ‘low season’ so if you’re keen to swim with a manta ray or a nurse shark you might want to go around June to October. 

If you are on a budget…

From July to October, it will absolutely rain. These are usually short, heavy downpours and you can still expect daily sunshine. These months are usually cheaper to travel to Maldives, both for the flights and the resort costs.  It’s usually less rainy in the northern atolls at this time if you are looking to hedge your bets. September is usually the very cheapest month as any surge prices for school holidays have passed. 

If you need to travel during the school holidays ….

The most expensive time to travel is Christmas and New Year, closely followed by February half term. You can expect great weather at these times – and resorts are often completely full. The Easter break in April is a great option if you are all happy with a bit of humidity – as the rains will be coming soon, it is usually very hot in the Maldives at this time so expect to spend lots of time cooling off in the sea or pool. The school summer holidays are usually a cost effective time to visit as well, as the sunny days will be punctuated with the odd bout of rain. Choose a resort with a good kids club and plenty of activities for the rainy moments.

The biggest challenge for travelling (anywhere) in school holidays is the cost and availability of flights, so book as far ahead as you can. 

A few booking tips…

At Fleewinter, we’re all about #honestinspiration and expert advice, so let me share a few more tips!

  • Book as early as you can, especially if you need one of the special larger or family villas, which are few in number and often monopolised by returning customers.
  • If you need to take a seaplane transfer from Malé, try and book your arrival flight to land in the morning or lunchtime. Seaplanes only fly during daylight hours, so should your afternoon international flight be delayed you may be stuck in Malé overnight missing one night on your lovely resort. 
  • Take some US Dollars with you. Though all purchases on you resort can be expensed to the room, you may choose to take a local island trip or want to give some tips and this is the easiest currency to work with.
  • Think ahead and pack carefully. All items are imported and charged at a premium at your resort, so bring sun screen, hats, etc from home. But keep in mind there may be weight limits for luggage on your seaplane –  so don’t overpack!