Hue Children’s Shelter, Vietnam

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We are delighted to support Hue Help, a charity that works with disadvantaged children in central Vietnam to improve their health, education and future prospects.

Vietnam is a country that is developing fast but some children from poorer backgrounds are being left behind. If you are considering taking a holiday to Vietnam we would encourage you to make a small donation to Hue Help when you make your holiday payment. Many visitors to this side of the world are affected by the poverty and return home wanting to give something back – and this is a charity that appreciates every penny.

The money goes on two projects; a children’s centre and life-saving swimming lessons. Hue Children’s Shelter is currently home to thirty eight children, who have either no parents, or parents that are too poor or sick to care for them. The shelter provides a home, education and friendship to the children it supports. In 2007, the shelter faced financial difficulty and the possibility of closure – now Hue Help is the main sponsor for this home in a bid to keep it open in co-operation with the Department of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs of Thua Thien Hue (DOLISA).

In the last few years, some of the key changes have included increasing the quantity and quality of food, assisting nearly all of the children to enter mainstream education, providing additional tutors and extra educational classes, organising extra curricular activities, such as art and music classes and much more.

Hue Help also funds life-saving swimming lessons. In Hue city and throughout the province flooding is extremely common, yet many adults and children are unable to swim. Approximately 30 children drown each day in Vietnam making it a leading cause of death for children. By providing free swimming lessons for the most disadvantaged children – who are also those most likely to be living in precarious housing in flood prone areas – we can help limit the human cost of extreme weather conditions.

To read more about the charity’s work, or to make a direct donation take a look at their website here.