Vietnam Holiday Reviews

We are very proud of our tailor-made trips in Vietnam but no one says it better than our lovely customers who have tried and tested our holidays. Take a peek at their comments below.

"Arrived home safe and sound thank you. To say that we had a great time would be an understatement! Our holiday was just amazing, thank you so much for everything that you did, words can't express how grateful we are to yourself and Fleewinter for making our holiday a great adventure." - Dorothy S, Dec 2016

Our holiday was just amazing - Dec 2016

"Seamless three week trip. Great schedule with a perfect balance of city & country, guided and free days. Excellent hotel choices - altogether could not have better. Personal contact was excellent - Delia understood immediately what we wanted and handled changes/discussions as we finalised the schedule very well." - Bill F, Nov 2016

Seamless three week trip - Nov 2016

"We had a really great time, such a wide and varied experience and we loved Vietnam!! It is not easy travelling alone with two teenagers but this trip made it so easy. All the trips were so interesting and fun, some of the male guides a little too intense but we managed to strike a balance!! We loved every destination, I would say that our favourite was definitely Fusion Maia in Dan Nang." - Jackie S, Oct 2016

We loved every destination - Oct 2016

"The holiday was truly fantastic - a real once in a lifetime trip. the whole family loved it - big highlights were the Nam Hai and the streetfood scooter tour in Saigon. Thank you for your help - we couldn't have asked for me from you." - David H, Aug 2016

A real once in a lifetime trip - Aug 2016

"Excellent. All accommodation fantastic. Lots of great trip & transport suggestions which worked well as an overall holiday. We were especially glad we combined Vietnam with Cambodia as the 2 countries felt very different so was interesting. The Treasure Junk was luxury and a highlight. Everything was well organised & went smoothly. Delia answered all our questions promptly & helpfully. Thank you" - Anne B, August 2016

Everything was well organised - Aug 2016

"Our trip was absolutely amazing! I can’t thank you enough for having organized such a fantastic experience for us. This trip you’ve tailored for us surpassed allllll expectations! Thank you, thank you, thank you!" - Cassandra B, July 2016

Our trip was absolutely amazing! July 2016

"Another wonderful holiday! Taking my friend Nancy with us proved to be an absolute joy and I think you may now have another Fleewinter convert. The trekking in Sapa was out of this world, the time in Halong Bay was fantastic. Standing on the deck of a Junk in the bay during an electric storm is a memory that will remain with us. I work extremely well with Delia when organising holidays ....... I suspect that everyone does though. Delia is an extremely efficient and knowledgeable agent with an eye for detail." - Nicola K, April 2016

Another wonderful holiday! - April 2016

"One of the best holidays we have ever had. The bespoke approach we got from Fleewinter was ideal for us. The local partners you use on the ground in Vietnam, Khiri Travel and Handspan for the Treasure Junk are very well chosen and are a credit to you. Delia's knowledge of Vietnam made the whole process very easy and she was very patient while we took our time to make up our minds about some of the details of the trip! It was clear from the rooms she booked for is that she was very familiar with the properties and her advice on everything was spot-on. We will definitely use Fleewinter again and have already recommended to some of our friends!" - Katherine C, April 2016

One of the best holidays we have ever had - April 2016

"We were very happy with all aspects of our holiday. Everything went smoothly throughout, and we know we had a lot of great experiences thanks to Delia and her planning assistance that we wouldn't have had (or wouldn't have had so effortlessly) on our own. We were happy with all our accommodations. Each place had a special treat for us since we were on our honeymoon. It is also worth mentioning that as a same-sex couple we felt totally comfortable throughout the trip. It is something we are always aware of, but each time we checked into a hotel they were very welcoming. It was a non-issue." - Jeff G, March 2016

Very happy with all aspects of our holiday - March 2016

"The trip was absolutely amazing, everything we wanted and so much more. Everything from start to finish was brilliantly organised, the hotels were all wonderful in their own unique way, and having your expertise in putting together the itinerary really showed. (We managed to squeeze in a day trip to Hue and and afternoon at the Cu Chi tunnels btw!) I meant to email you while we were out there to let you know how we were getting on, but if I'm honest we were too busy enjoying ourselves! Kate S - Feb 2016

The trip was absolutely amazing - Feb 2016

“I thought we got to see a very good picture of Cambodia and Viet Nam. I thought we got to know the geography, history, cultures, food and a bit of the politics. The local travel guides were all first rate. We had a crisis when the Halong Bay cruise was cancelled and we called the local agency and they patched us through to Delia, who was Johnny on the spot, rearranging our schedule and transportation and finding us a hotel room in Hanoi when there weren't any due to the closure of Halong Bay for 2+ days. I was very impressed.” - Max V, Feb 2016

"The local travel guides were all first rate" - Feb 2016

“We were seriously blown away by our Vietnam experience.  I think I speak for all of us when I say it exceeded all of our expectations. It ran like clockwork, the tour guides were brilliant and the accommodation was just beautiful. Hoi An Chic was our fave but the Treasure Junk was such a unique experience and beautiful and we reckon we had the best spot on Phu Quoc. I can't thank you enough for your help and advice beforehand as we think we had a near perfect trip. The train was great fun by the way. And we were so glad we added Cambodia on.” - Jo S, Jan 2016

Blown away by our Vietnam experience - Jan 2016

“Just wanted to let you know that Vietnam has totally captivated us - all of it - even the swarms of motorbikes in Ho Chi Minh City!

The trip to the War remnants museum and the tunnels has turned me into a bit of a Vietnam War nerd - I found both moving and fascinating. We particularly loved the cruise on the Mekong Delta which was utterly fantastic. Such a beautiful boat and quality all the way with regards to food, service and sheer level of interesting things to do and see. I was expecting it to be good but not that good!

Thanks so much for all your hard work arranging such an amazing trip. I did not miss an English Christmas one iota!” Frances L, Jan 2016

I did not miss an English Christmas one iota" - Jan 2016

"We had an amazing time with the right level of being busy seeing stuff and chilling out. The vast majority of things went really smoothly and Fleewinter were on hand when we needed it. Also the staff at all the places we stayed were unbelievably helpful."

"We had an amazing time!" - Dec 2015

“We had a fantastic holiday - four totally separate experiences in the 12 days that we were there, everything worked like clockwork. Our guides were friendly and knowledgeable and enhanced the whole Vietnam experience. Delia Monk helped us put together the itinerary with infinite patience and her attention to detail made everything go without a hitch. Nothing was too much trouble for her.” - Fiona M, Dec 2015.

"We had a fantastic holiday" - Dec 2015

“Loved it. Lots of variety, action and interest. You deserves a million thank you's and much recognition. You were endlessly patient, always there and full of good ideas. Amazing!” - Sarah P, Aug 2015.

"Lots of variety, action and interest." - Aug 2015

“The whole itinerary went really smoothly, and we got to experience an incredible variety of sights, culture, food, and so on. Our guides were really friendly, and all of the accommodation was good or better. The holiday was completely unforgettable.” - Jon B, August 2015.

"The holiday was completely unforgettable.” - Aug 2015.

“The holiday we booked through you was absolutely wonderful. We couldn't have wished for it to have gone any better, and in fact surpassed all expectations.

“Booking our honeymoon through Fleewinter agent Delia Monk was an absolute pleasure. Every question we had and any option and thoughts we discussed and aired were dealt with in a way that left us feeling nothing was too much trouble.
Delia's knowledge of Vietnam was comprehensive and instilled complete confidence in her ability to put together a trip of our dreams. Every part of the process was step by step and very easy.” - Matt W, April 2015

"A trip of our dreams" - April 2015

“We can not fault the amazing honeymoon that was organised by Delia. We felt like we were treated like royalty as soon as we were collected at the airport. Every guide was on time and bent over backwards to help in anyway possible. We were constantly surprised at how flawless and well organised it was. The time keeping of all guides and drivers was exceptional. We were lucky to have guides that were able to give us a lot of information and advice along our journey. We felt we could ask anything and they would bend over backwards to help us.” - Lindsay T, April 2015.

"We felt like we were treated like royalty" - April 2015

“We had such a good holiday and all the arrangements you made for us were first class; hotels were superb, guides and drivers and transfers all went smoothly. The guides in particular were very good especially Mr Tai  who took us up in to the hills.

"We loved the hotels. especially Fusion Maia , which was a lovely place to relax and the staff were all so friendly. The Intercontinental was something else!! over the top doesn't begin to describe it, a fun place to have stayed.” - Sanna D, March 2015.

"The arrangements were first class", March 2015

“The holiday ran like clockwork so we always knew what we were doing. The accommodation far exceeded our expectations. The tours were fascinating and the tour leaders all very different but all brilliant. We cannot stress how awesome this holiday was. We are all gutted that it has come to an end! Delia came up with a great programme, listened to some of my ideas to change it about and then advised sensibly on what she thought would and wouldn't work. I trusted her from my initial conversation with her. I was impressed by the follow ups after booking and attention to detail e.g. changing flight direct from Phu Quoc to Siem Reap and it was nice to get a call from Fleewinter whilst there to see how it was going. I can't fault it” - Jo S, Vietnam & Cambodia - Jan 2015.

“ The holiday ran like clockwork" - Jan 2015

“We had a really great holiday - educational and diverse. Our booking was very well handled and we received informed and intelligent advice from Fleewinter. Our transfers were totally seamless and completely reliable. Giang, our tour guide, was a delight and had good English and lots of knowledge. We particularly loved the cruise on the Mekong Delta which was utterly fantastic. Such a beautiful boat and quality all the way with regards to food, service and sheer level of interesting things to do and see.  I was expecting it to be good but not that good!

Thanks so much for all your hard work arranging such an amazing trip. I did not miss an English Christmas one iota!” Frances L

"Our transfers were totally seamless " - Jan 2015

"Wow!!!! Where do I start! I want to say a huge thank you. I have just had the best trip of my life! You did such an awesome job - we loved every single moment of Vietnam. That place is totally amazing and I have fallen in love!

"I will be recommending this trip to everyone, such a special time we had. Thank you thank you thank you!! Where to next?!" Georgina B.

"We loved every single moment" - Dec 2014

"Thank you, yes we are back safely - a really wonderful trip from start to finish. We are desperately trying to figure out our best moments and memories, there are just so many. As for the photos….where to start! Many, many thanks for arranging such a fabulous holiday for us." Lynne R.

"A wonderful trip from start to finish" - Nov 2014

"Back safely if a touch jet lagged. We had a brilliant time and thank you so much for your help – I was discussing with Lara and we both thought we would not have changed any of our itinerary – cannot think of a bigger compliment!

"Halong Bay was a real highlight. Really pleased we altered the itinerary so we could do Treasure Junk. Not being surrounded by other boats was fantastic. The guys on the boat were great – they gave us a questionnaire to score them and as I said to them the only thing I could fault them on was the non appearance of the sun! Kayaking brilliant, squid fishing brilliant, food fantastic."Jon N.

"Halong Bay was a real highlight" - Aug 2014

"We had the most fantastic time - thank you do much - and we loved everywhere! All guides were great and hotels - especially Bamboo (Battambang) and Hoi An Chic (Hoi An). Phou Quoc was fab and the staff at the Meracus wonderful. Hanoi was my fave!

"We are still trying to digest everything - it was an amazing adventure and emotional and historical journey. Thank you for the enthusiastic help Delia!" Jane S.

"We loved everywhere!" - Aug 2014

"Well, what can I say... Except, thank you. Great organisation, worked like clockwork, great guides, great drivers, great hotels. A hackneyed expression, but Mandy did say it was probably the best holiday we've ever had! Cambodia was fantastic - and the guides fantastic. The trips you booked for us were also great - I certainly learnt a lot while I was there!

"Flights all went according to plan - and great communication via the guides. All the hotels were great - and very diverse - just what we wanted What else can I say except it was awesome - and that's all down to you and your organising!" Nick B.

"The best holiday we've ever had!" - Aug 2014