The definition of wellbeing is ‘the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy’. There are many ways to achieve this but it is often related to eating well, exercising and relaxing in an inspiring environment. India is the birth place of yoga and meditation, and along with having hotel properties that are based upon the concept of being eco-friendly, sustainable and organic, we truly believe it is the best destination for a trip focused on your health, happiness and all-round wellbeing. 

This may mean a trip staying in three different destinations where yoga and meditation classes will be scheduled into your programme, or perhaps a week in the Andaman Islands staying at the beautiful Jalakara, where no access to wi-fi or television provides an opportunity for a technology detox. Perhaps spa treatments are important for your wellbeing, and with Indian head massages in the north to Ayurvedic treatments in the south we can suggest suitable places to stay and enjoy. Alternatively we can organise an itinerary where you can experience meals cooked with local and organically grown produce, often sourced from the land surrounding the property you are staying in. 

With so much on offer in India, we have often found itineraries have little focus on these wellbeing elements.  This is something we would like to spend time researching and in time share with you so that we can bring a unique twist to your fantastic trip to this magical country. 

Please do enquire for any further information on wellbeing trips and we will have more exciting sample itineraries available to you in the near future!