Getting Around India

Whilst India is such a large country, we make travelling around easy for you. Between destinations and for airport transfers you will have a private driver who will transport you comfortably in a AC vehicle, typically a Toyota Innova (depending on group size). Whilst their English may not be as competent as your guides, you will still be able to communicate with your driver and often this becomes a highlight of your trip!

For some relatively short journeys we may suggest taking a train rather than a car, for example between Delhi and Agra. This is a great opportunity to experience the famous Indian railway! We will arrange your train tickets for you, which will be in the highest carriage available, and your driver will help you on and off the train at each station.

Internal flights may also be necessary on some trips, for example if you wanted to combine Rajasthan with Kerala. We can pre-book these tickets for you. The domestic air travel in India is great and plenty of available routes and airlines connect most cities efficiently. However, we will always recommend allowing a suitable amount of time between journeys to allow for any delays and in particular when travelling prior to an international flight. In this case, we may suggest a night in an airport hotel.  

For time at leisure during your holiday, if you wish to explore your surroundings or dine outside of your hotel, it is great to be able to experience the local transport;

Taxi’s are generally quite old cars in India and you may have to battle for the meter to be put on with varying excuses as to why it might not work. If you say you will take another taxi you will often find it has started working again! We advise agreeing a price before starting your journey. You may wish to ask one of your guides, or a member of staff at your hotel, for advice on how much a particular journey should cost. Hotels will also be more than happy to arrange a taxi for you at a fair price.

Travelling by auto-rickshaw is quite an experience when in India and will be cheaper and quicker than a taxi. Powered by a motor-scooter at the front with space at the back for passengers they will weave in and out of the traffic – quite an adventurous way to get around! Like with taxi’s you may find the metre doesn’t work so do agree a price beforehand, and do ask guides and hotel reception for advice on how much you should be paying for the journey.

Cycle-rickshaws are man powered vehicles and so a tip is much appreciated when travelling in this way. You will find more of these when in smaller towns and cities. Numbers have hugely decreased in recent years as it is such hard work for the drivers but many still use them on a daily basis.