Visa Information

All travellers require a visa to visit India. Please find some further information on obtaining a tourist visa below:

E-Tourist Visa for India

1) Information prior to application

  • Spend time familiarising yourself with the e-tourist website before starting the form.
  • Take extra note when reading ‘Instructions for Applicant’ and ‘Document Requirements’.
  • The e-tourist visa allows 2 entries in to India in the 60 day period that the visa is valid for. You can apply for an e-tourist visa once you are within 120 days prior to travel. We would recommend applying as early as possible into this time frame. You can not apply for an e-tourist visa four days or less before travel.
  • If you are travelling to Sikkim, Ladakh or the Andaman Islands the e-tourist visa is not available and you will need to apply for a regular tourist visa.
  • Passports must have at least six months validity from the date of arrival India. Your passport will also need a minimum of two free blank pages.
  • An e-tourist visa is valid for arrivals and departures from a select number of Indian airports. To check this please follow the link below and see point 8 under ‘Instructions for Applicants’.
  • Unfortunately the visa is not available for; people with Pakistani origins, British Overseas Citizens, British Overseas Territories Citizens, British National (overseas) and British Protected Persons.
  • To apply for the e-tourist visa you must live in the country of your passport and have been a resident of this country for more than two years.

If having read through these requirements you find you are not eligible for an e-tourist visa it does not mean you cannot travel to India. A visa can still be arranged either through the Indian Government Visa Bureau, a visa specialist or through VFS Global. Follow these links for more information or ask us here at Fleewinter if you have any questions.

2) Frequently asked questions when filling in the e-tourist form:

  • If you have visited India on a previous occasion but do not have precise details, it is fine to generalise for example saying Mumbai or another city.
  • Additionally if you have been on a previous trip but you are unsure of the requested visa number please fill all the boxes with zeros. For date and place of issue please make an appropriate guess.
  • If you do not have the full information for where you parents are born, you can generalise e.g. Manchester
  • When listing the countries you have visited in the last 10 years, if you find you do not have enough room to include them all, select a number of those that you have recently gone to that are in your current passport.
  • When choosing your occupation you will see that very few jobs are listed to choose from. it is recommend to choose ‘Business Person’.
  • If you are retired then choose ’N/A’ when filling in boxes related to employers and choose ‘Business Person’ when selecting your past occupation.
  • References for applying for your visa:

Reference in India: 25, Lane Number V-37, DLF City Phase III, Gurgaon, Haryana 122002, India

Reference in the UK: 49 Stile Gardens, London, W4 3BT, England

3) Uploading passport pages and photo

As this is an e-visa you will be required to upload a scan of your passport and a photo of yourself. Please follow the website link and read the ‘Document Requirements’ section carefully on doing this. The rules are very strict so please take extra care.

Please ensure that the photo you have uploaded first is then matched correctly to the scanned passport details you are required to scan in at the next stage. Your application may be rejected if either the photo or scan are not clear.

4) Payment and getting your visa

The final stage will be the payment screen where you must purchase your e-visa either with a debit or credit card. AMEX is not accepted.

Following this stage your visa will be processed up to 72 hours later. You will receive an e-mail with the e-visa that you needs to be printed.

Please make sure you have this document when you arrive in India to show with your passport.

5) Travcour

If you would like to make this process easier for yourself then you may like to look into arranging your visa through the specialist Travcour. There will be an additional charge per person, plus £9 return postage for up to four passports, to use their service. If you do decide to arrange it in this way they will send you a form to complete with the needed information and then arrange the e-tourist visa on your behalf. You will also need to send them photos and your passport. All documentation, along with the e-tourist visa, will then be returned by post.

Please visit the Travcour website in order to arrange your visa in this way – or call 0208 543 1346. (additional fees apply for this service)

This information is designed to assist you in obtaining your Indian e-tourist visa but it is your responsibility that you meet all the requirements to acquire it. Changes can be made without any prior warning and thus we cannot be held liable for incorrect information, application process changes, or the issuing or rejection of a visa.

Regular Tourist Visa for India

If you are not eligible for an e-tourist visa then you will need to apply for a standard visa approximately 8 weeks before departure. It is important to note that during this process, which can take up to two weeks, you will not be with your passport as it needs to be sent to the embassy.

For further information on this please do ask us or visit the VFS Global website for further information and to apply: