When to go

Australia is located in the southern hemisphere and its season’s run opposite to the UK. Climate varies greatly through the eight states and territories; there are four seasons across most of the country and a wet and dry season in the tropical north.

When to travel depends on what part of  the country you plan to visit. Temperatures will be cooler the farther south you go, and vice versa.

The northern states are typically warm year-round but are at their best in spring (September-November), after the winter rains and before the extreme summer heat.

Southern regions have colder winters with temperatures averaging 14 C, and are optimal during summer months (Dec-March). Tasmania has a climate similar to England.

Best time to visit Australia’s top cities:

Cairns and Darwin: These areas have tropical climate. Summers are hot and humid (32 C) and winters are dry and mild (26 C). Rainfall is highest during January and February, a consideration if you plan to explore the Outback. Winter (June-August) is the most popular time to visit as temperatures are mild and dry. 

Sydney: Weather is pleasant year-round with nearly 360 days of sunshine a year. Summer temperatures average 26 C and winter temperatures are relatively mild at 17 C, average. The best times to visit are September- November and March-May (“off seasons”), as temps are mild and tourists crowds are typically more manageable. You’re likely to find lower flight and hotel rates during these times.

Byron Bay and Brisbane:  These southern Queensland cities experience hot summers (30 C) and mild winters (21 C). Bring a coat for winter and spring months (June to October) as temps can drop to 10 C in the evenings.

Melbourne: This cultural city is most popular during summer (December-March) with temps averaging 26 C. Winter (June to August) is ‘off season” with maximum temps of 13 C, getting as cold as 5 C at night. Spring and autumn are also popular months to visit, as temperatures will be pleasant and comfortable.  

Perth: The west coast can be enjoyed anytime of the year with the sun shining 300 days, even during winter months. Perth has a Mediterranean climate, with hottest months between December and February (27 C). The best time to visit is spring (September to November) as temperatures are pleasant and dry. Autumn (March to May) is also brilliant. Winter months (June- August) are a mix of sunny days, occasional storms and heavy downpours.

Uluru/Ayers Rock/Central Australia: The best time to visit is May to October when daily temperatures are more mild. Temperatures average 23 C during the day and lows drop to 7 C, average, in the evenings. June and July are the coolest months with nighttime temps dropping to 3 C. Uluru experiences extreme dessert-type heat in summer months (December to February) of 38 degrees.