Getting around Australia

Australia is a large country and there are many different options to travel around depending on your time, budget and preference.

Many people chose to rent cars to enjoy leisurely scenic drives through the countryside when traveling between destinations. Flying is a popular choice for travelers on a stricter time line who want to experience different states and territories.


Australians drive on the left-hand side of the road; It’s quite popular and simple to hire a car and explore the vast country. Traffic laws are strict, so be cautious when driving and stick to the recommended speed limits. Traffic cameras are very prevalent.

Visitors are permitted to drive with their overseas driver’s (English speaking) license for up to three months.

Domestic flights

Flights between Australia’s main cities are very frequent and fast. There are several budget airlines such as Tiger Air and Jetstar. Other popular domestic airlines are Qantas and Virgin Australia.

We recommend booking domestic flights prior to arriving in Australia, as you will generally find much better rates.

Public Transport

Public Transport (local buses, trains, ferries and trams) is an excellent way of getting around. They systems are very user-friendly in major cities such as Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. 

If you’re seeking a leisurely scenic journey, we highly recommend taking a train to travel through certain parts of the country. The Indian Pacific connects Sydney, Adelaide and Perth in three days and the famous Ghan train will take you from Adelaide to Alice Springs and as far north as Darwin.